Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita Raman united Shardul tensed

Raman Ishita Mohabbatein Starplus Hilarious start Revisited

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita Raman united Shardul tensed Arijit and Bhuvan meet an actress. They groom her up to fit her into Namita’s role. They want the actress to convince the Bhallas that she is Neeti’s mum. She wants to know about the risk involved in this act. She doesn’t want to risk her life. Arijit convinces her by telling her Neeti’s sobbing story. He tells that Bhallas are Neeti’s enemies, who are forcibly keeping her home to torture further. He asks her to claim Neeti and get her custody for him by validating their affair. He gives her details about Neeti. He also tells about the big Bhalla family, who are very influential, smart and focussed.

He wants her to be very much convincing so that no one doubts on her authenticity. He tells her that Neeti is his friend’s daughter, he has to rescue her. She asks him why isn’t his friend helping Neeti. Arijit doesn’t want to answer her. He asks her to just complete her work and take money without questioning him anything personal. Bhuvan shows her Neeti’s photo. Arijit asks her to lie about their London stay so that their answers match with Neeti’s responses. She gets a makeover to look apt for the drama. Arijit gets glad that she is all set to execute his plan. He hopes to get Neeti home.

He informs Shardul that he is getting fake Namita home. Simmi is irritated by Arijit’s calls. Shardul manages by lying to her about business work. He asks Arijit to come home. He wants Arijit to take Neeti with him as soon as possible. Karan asks Ishita not to believe Arijit. He doesn’t find Arijit trustworthy. He feels Arijit is misleading them to get away with Neeti. He thinks maybe Arijit and Neeti are already well connected. Ishita wants to wait until Neeti shares the truth. She thinks to take help from police to find out Neeti’s background. Karan accompanies her.


On the other side, Mihika tries to bond with Neeti and get her personal details about family. She asks Neeti about Raman’s sketch. She wants to know how Neeti knows Raman. Neeti reacts angrily on hearing about Raman. She doesn’t answer anything. She gets upset. Mihika feels she has done wrong to ask Neeti directly and upset her. She tells Ishita that Neeti isn’t ready to share anything with them. Neeti knows Raman well. She doesn’t want to tell them about the accident. Shardul learns about Neeti’s sketch. He can’t believe that Neeti is recovering fast and remembers Raman’s face. He worries that Neeti will start speaking and soon tell the family about Raman.

He doesn’t want this to happen. He calls Arijit home urgently to take away Neeti before their plan gets exposed. Arijit gets fake Namita there. He shows her Neeti’s scrapbook so that she can know about Neeti’s likes and dislikes. He doesn’t want any mistake to happen. He wishes that Bhallas agree to send Neeti with him. Ishita tells Shardul that she has taken the help of police to find about Arijit and Neeti’s connection. Shardul gets terrified. He doesn’t want Ishita to learn the truth so soon before they find Raman to exact revenge.

He argues with Ishita over her move to not take his opinion and reaching out to police. He gets much worried for Arijit, who maybe making an entry with fake Namita any moment in front of the police present inside Bhalla house. Shardul wants to alert Arijit and stop him from coming to meet Neeti. Ishita meets Raman at the hospital. She breaks down on seeing him in coma state. She wants him to recover and become her strength again. Raman will soon break out of the coma state and join Bhallas again to fight Arijit.

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