Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Shocking declaration of Prithvi

Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Shocking declaration of Prithvi

Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Shocking declaration of Prithvi Mahira wants to look the best in her marriage functions. She is glad that she is becoming Karan’s wife. Ramona tells her that she didn’t tell her dad about Karan yet. Mahira knows her dad will react much in anger. She doesn’t want Ramona to reveal anything to her dad. She feels her dad will cancel the alliance knowing about Karan and Preeta’s marriage. She convinces Ramona. Prithvi prays and performs a puja with hope that Preeta will agree for the marriage. He awaits Sarla’s call eagerly. He wants to know about Preeta’s decision. Sarla calls him to inform that Preeta has agreed for the marriage. Prithvi finds Preeta very sweet.

He knew that she will agree for the marriage. She tells him that she has convinced Preeta. He tells her that he was performing a puja at home and is too glad that Preeta agreed. He also tells that his mom also agreed for this relation. Sarla gets pleased that there is no hurdle in Preeta’s marriage now. She blesses Prithvi. He dreams to get Preeta as his wife. He doesn’t want Karan to come between Preeta and him. He finally looks ahead to marry Preeta. He tells his mom that he is very happy to get married. She asks him about the girl.

Prithvi tells her that he is marrying his dream girl, Preeta. She reminds him about the humiliation he faced because of Preeta. Prithvi tells her that he can take his own decision. She gets angered that Sarla didn’t speak to her directly. He doesn’t want her ego to pose problems. He boasts of himself. He wants a wife in his house. He knows he can’t get Sherlyn forever. He wants his mom to accept Preeta. He threatens to marry Sherlyn if his mom rejects Preeta. He tells her that Sherlyn is madly in love with him. He knows that his mom will never want a terrible person like Sherlyn as her Bahu.

He proves that Preeta is always a better option for him. She chooses sweet and simple Preeta. He knew that his mom will also go with his choice. He tells her that she has to look the best in his marriage. On the other hand, Shrishti asks Preeta not to marry Prithvi. Preeta sheds tears of helplessness. Shrishti asks her to realize the truth that she is married to Karan. Preeta feels she can’t leave Sarla to break down. She is guilty that she has given this sorrow to Sarla. She wants Sarla to forget all worries. She accepts that she is Karan’s wife, but can’t do anything about it. Shrishti knows that Preeta is waiting for Karan to accept her. Preeta tells that she won’t be marrying Prithvi. She had to agree to save Sarla’s life.

She wants to explain the situation to Sarla. Janki overhears their conversation. Shrishti asks her how would she stop the marriage. Preeta tells her that she will convince Prithvi to refuse for the marriage. She is sure that Sarla’s wounds will also heal with time. Janki and Shrishti get glad knowing Preeta’s plan. Preeta is sure that Prithvi will keep her request, being a nice person. Prithvi fools Sherlyn further. Sherlyn tells him that Luthras are busy in planning Mahira and Karan’s marriage. He doesn’t tell her that he is planning to marry Preeta.

Prithvi wants to meet Luthras to declare his marriage with Preeta to anger Karan and Rishabh. He gets his wedding invite ready to shock Luthras. He wants to ruin Karan’s peace. He goes to meet Karan. He fools Karan by his sugary talks. Karan knows he has come for a motive. Prithvi offers him friendship. He tells Karan that he wanted to meet him and give a good news. Karan throws him out of his room. Prithvi wants him to forget their bad terms.

Rishabh tells Prithvi that they aren’t pleased to see him. Prithvi tells him that he has come to mend their odd relations so that they maintain harmony again. Karan threatens to slap Prithvi. Prithvi maintains his cool only to shock them with the good news of his marriage with Preeta. Karan and Rishabh get a huge unexpected shock.

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum


  1. This drama is going on from last year and I think this show will flop if this keeps on going. So karan and preeta reunion saves this show to flop down. I’m srue u guys will surely concerned on this issue.

  2. True I totally agree..now there should b karan peeta reunion. Enough of Sherlyn & Prithvi drama. Now they should show Karan & Preeta together and take the story forward instead of bringing Mahira in between them.

  3. Making fool of people
    The story revolves same as it is
    If this continues… The day is no far that this show Will also go flop
    How come the villains always win their goals and wicked plans
    Now watching this daily soap feels as if wasting time

  4. Pls it’s high time now ,,dere s a saying dat sach kabhi chupta nahi but here ,,prithvi and shirlyn ka sach never comes out intact dey always win their game ,,pls save dis show either by revealing prithvi shirlyn truth or get karan preeta together as dey are married now…pls

    • High time Karan and Preeta move forward and be together. It becomes monotonous the same scheming Prthvi and Sherlyn.They should get exposed.

  5. This is a terrible portrayal of hindi life.. no other shows see the villains win 100/100 times… this is really starting to frustrate.

    I saw the show won in some awards- i personally was surprised.

  6. I think the show has become boring.
    I have stopped watching it.
    There’s a limit to villains winning all the time.

    It actually leaves a bad moral to all specially the children and they observe that it’s better to become a villain as they’re never caught.

  7. With this recent happenings, this show will go down as one of the worst Indian dramas.
    The plot is getting useless, pls the producers should come up with something else. Enough of the Sherlyn drama. Even kids will get tired watching this stupid drama. Its time to expose Sherlyn and Prithivi evil.

  8. I too agree m too bored wid same boring episodes. Every time wrong person always succeed in every task not possible audience too can’t wait years to see reunion of karan n preeta. N i think shrlyn is 17 To 18 months pregnant. ??Plz expose her. Give a good reason to veiwers to watch it.


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