Rishte Pyaar Starplus Mishti finds a new guy Abir shocked

Rishte Pyaar Starplus Mishti finds a new guy Abir shocked

Rishte Pyaar Starplus Mishti finds a new guy Abir shocked Mishti’s heart broke forever because of Abir. Vishwamber knew that she will come home with a broken heart. He finds Mishti sinking in tears. He consoles Mishti. She tells him that she had gone to meet Abir to convince him, but Abir didn’t respect her love. Vishwamber understands that Abir has rejected Mishti again. Kuhu loves Mishti a lot. She relates to Mishti’s plan since she also went through the pain of terrible heartbreak.

She hugs Mishti. She tells Mishti that she made a chocolate cake for her. She wants Mishti to have sweets and forget the past. The family tries to support Mishti. Vishwamber decides to send Mishti to London. Rajshri doesn’t want to send Mishti alone. Vishwamber tells them that Nanku is also there and he can help Mishti settle. Mishti agrees to go to London. She asks Kuhu to come along with her. Rajshri asks Mishti why would Kuhu come, why would she have a heartbreak. Kuhu wants to tell the family about Kunal’s decision to divorce her.

Kuhu refuses to Mishti’s request. She doesn’t want to go away and rather start some business in Rajkot itself. Kuhu opens an event management company to keep herself engaged. Abir also changes himself completely. He becomes similar to Kunal. He turns into Meenakshi’s puppet. Meenakshi calls Neha home. Abir is glad to meet his best friend Neha. Mishti finds a new guy as well. The show will get many changes after Mishti and Abir’s separation. Abir learns about Mishti’s new relationship. He shatters with the realization that he isn’t part of her life now.


Nanku had made the entire plan of terrorists attack on the village school just to get Vivek killed. He doesn’t want Vivek to get saved. Vivek tells Vidya that he won’t be having any regret to give his life for his country. Nanku wants to fulfill his wish. Nanku promises the goons that he will give him extra money for killing Vivek. Vivek assists Vidya and makes her defuse all the bombs fixed in the school. Vivek knew that Nanku will be killing him and also the innocent people. The terrorists learn that Vidya had defused the bombs and failed their plans. Nanku asks them to shoot Vivek. Vivek threatens the terrorists and takes a gun to shoot at them.

The terrorist shoots Vivek to kill him. Vivek bears three bullets on his chest. Nanku thinks Vivek will be dying now. Vidya gets a huge shock when she finds him Vivek in trouble. She was making the kids run away from the danger. She runs to save Vivek. She doesn’t understand that it was all Nanku’s plan. Vidya asks Vivek not to close his eyes and talk to him. She tries hard to encourage him to fight back with the evil forces. Nanku laughs that Vidya has fallen alone after her big support Vivek died. He assumes Vivek dead after the latter gets into a non responsive state. Vivek surprisingly responds to Vidya’s plea. He finds Vidya in danger again.

Nanku plans to kidnap Vidya. Vivek gains strength to get up in a heroic style and shoot down all the terrorists. Vivek shoots the terrorists down and shocks Nanku. He wanted to expose Nanku’s evil to the world. He is glad that the government didn’t had to pay the terrorists by fulfilling their demands. He tackles the terrorists until the police enters the school premises. Vidya takes Vivek for the aid to the hospital. Nanku stays in shock over his failed plan. Avtaar manages to hit Jagat and get free from his clutches. He knows Nanku’s entire plan of assassinating Vivek. Avtaar and Vivek join hands to expose Nanku. Will they succeed in exposing Vivek this time? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya


  1. YRKKH is really again turning boring. Again kairav to be kidnapped, random, again tension. Arrey serials are there to relieve people from their day to day day stress but serials are today turning out to show even more stresses in life which are unseen or unheard in normal lives. Disgusting


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