Rishte Pyaar Mishbir Love awakens Surprise entry

Rishte Pyaar Mishbir Love awakens Surprise entry

Rishte Pyaar Mishbir Love awakens Surprise entry Mishti meets Ananya and is happy to be back for the family. Abir and Mishti have a hit and miss. Mishti tells Ananya about the much needed break she had taken to deal with her break up. She is glad that she has changed herself completely for the good so that Vishwamber and Rajshri stay proud of her strength. She wants them to be happy and not think of Abir again. She misses Abir, but sides off her feelings. Ananya tells her that Vishwamber and Rajshri’s anniversary celebrations are planned by talented Kuhu. Mishti can’t wait to meet her family. Ananya plans her surprise entry. She asks Mishti to pass time somewhere until its time for her entry at home. They head to a restaurant. Kuhu and Kunal bet on Abir’s poetry.

When Abir comes, Kuhu asks him to write some good poetry for Neha and Kabir so that their moment gets special. Abir smartly refuses to Kuhu. Kunal feels he knows his brother well. He wins the bet when Abir turns down Kuhu’s request. Kuhu and Kunal have a moment. They are hiding the truth of their divorce application from the family. Mishti tells Ananya that Vishwamber’s decision to send her to London was right, she has become better with time. Abir gets Meenakshi’s message. She invites him for lunch. He ignores it.

Kunal tells Abir that he will be attending Kuhu’s family function. Abir is glad that Kunal didn’t divorce Kuhu and gave the marriage a chance. He wants Kunal and Kuhu to stay happy together. Meenakshi awaits Abir and thinks her relation with her son will get better soon. She has all the hopes. Abir makes a reservation and also pre-orders the food to save time. Mishti and Ananya order the khichdi, just like Abir. Abir and Kunal want to have lunch together. Abir gets his food, since he had ordered it before Mishti. Mishti argues with the waiter.

She wants the khichdi share as well. Ananya tells her that the guy is enjoying the khichdi. Mishti steals some khichdi and leaves a note. Abir finds the note weird. He realizes someone has stolen the Khichdi. Mishti doesn’t want to be helpless and lose her rights. Kuhu gets applauded for her wonderful work. Varsha regrets that their terms with Rajvansh family isn’t the same like before because of Abir and Meenakshi. Ananya surprises them by bringing Mishti home. Mishti joins the family happily. She surprises Vishwamber and Rajshri.

She performs in the party. Kunal’s family talk to Kuhu on the video call. They like to see the party celebrations. Abir doesn’t show interest. Even then, he watches the happenings from far. His feelings get awakened when he sees Mishti after a long time. There will be surprise entry of Mishti’s new love interest, which will leave Abir shocked. Abir will realize the pain of losing his love. Abir and Mishti’s love story will restart once again. Will Abir express the truth to Mishti? Keep reading.

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