Tellyreviews Today Quick Spoilers Top 5

Tellyreviews Today Quick Spoilers Top 5

Tellyreviews Today Quick Spoilers Top 5 Manmohini Mohini is staying in Ananya’s house as Sunanda. She gets tortured by her mum-in-law. She doesn’t tell her anything. She makes someone else wash the clothes. She takes rest and gets happy. Shiv calms his anger. He has lost his Rudraksh. He is falling in love with Ananya. He doesn’t want to accept his feelings. He doesn’t want to harm anyone in anger. He obeys Siya’s teachings.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara comes back home in an injured state. Kabeer finds her hurt and takes her to help. Ruksar is going to marry Kabeer. She is angry that Kabeer is still avoiding her. He is helpless to marry Ruksar to get ahead with the kids’ adoption. He doesn’t care for his life. He just wants the kids’ future to get better. He is making a sacrifice.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein:
Yogi’s love story begins. Yogi and Pari become a couple. The family doubts on him when they find him very happy. Yogi tells them that he is really happy. Everyone teases him about Pari. Vivek and Rani help Yogi to go on a date. Rani asks Yogi’s mum to let Pari go to the hospital, since she has an appointment with the patient. Pari understands their efforts. Yogi plans a romantic date for Pari. They have sweet moments.

Sir ji wants to make Roshni a dancer. He makes her take dancing classes from Sudha. Muskaan is much upset seeing Roshni. She stops Roshni. Sir ji asks Roshni to obey him. Muskaan sheds tears. Roshni can’t see Muskaan upset. Roshni does the makeup. Muskaan doesn’t want this to happen with her daughter. She has learnt that Roshni is her daughter. Sir ji is targeting Roshni. Sir ji manipulates Roshni to break down Muskaan. Sir ji gives a choice to Muskaan. He asks Muskaan to dance or let Roshni dance. Muskaan runs away to get help for Roshni. She is ready to take any step to save Roshni. Ronak doesn’t know the truth that Sir ji and Muskaan are alive. Nisha tries to win Ronak’s heart.

Bahu Begum:
Noor is worried. She wants to save Azaan and Shayra’s relation. Razia hugs Noor. She knows Noor’s good intentions. Noor wants to find the truth. Azaan thinks Shayra changed forever. He proposes Noor for the marriage. Noor takes time from Azaan so that she can find the truth. Noor tries to trap Adil and know his real motives. She takes help from Dilruba.


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