Kundali Bhagyaa Shocked Sherlyn Karan gatecrashes

Kundali Bhagya Deadly Sherlyn Mahira plan Preeran

Kundali Bhagyaa Shocked Sherlyn Karan gatecrashes Karan buys the betels to trouble Prithvi’s guests. Rishabh wants him not to act cute or innocent. He asks Karan to accept that he cares for Preeta. After making many excuses, Karan accepts that he has come to break the marriage. Rishabh wants to support him. He tells Karan that they will together break the marriage. Karan loves his brother. Prithvi can’t tolerate the insult by Preeta. He wants to marry Preeta, whom he madly loves. He doesn’t care if she loves him or not. He dreams to get her. He is angry that she rejected to the marriage proposal. He wants to compel Preeta for the marriage.

He is ready to shock Sarla and induce a heart attack, so that Preeta begs him for marriage. Sarla isn’t aware that Preeta has refused for the marriage. She wants to take some help in getting some puja items. She informs Biji that she will be back soon. Rishabh stops Sarla from sighting Karan. Rishabh too hides from her. Karan gets stressed on seeing the big hindrance Sarla in front. Rishabh and Karan succeed to avoid her. Preeta asks Shrishti why did she overhear their conversation. Shrishti clarifies that she had made a video of Prithvi’s agreement because of Sarla. She wants to tell Sarla that the relation is wrong.

She feels the video can help them pacify Sarla. She also feels that they can show the video to Prithvi and compel him to back out from the marriage if he changes his mind. Sameer calls Shrishti. She doesn’t tell Preeta about it. Sherlyn plans to meet Prithvi. She wants to surprise Prithvi by getting his favorite flowers. She comes across Sarla. She finds a chance to insult Sarla about Preeta’s failed marriage. Sarla gets angry. She wants to tell Sherlyn that Preeta is marrying Prithvi.

Sarla rebukes Sherlyn’s cheap talks. She doesn’t want to spoil her mood by talking to Sherlyn. She angrily tells Sherlyn that Preeta is marrying the guy of her choice. Sherlyn tells Sarla that the guy will be mad or blind to marry Preeta. Sarla tells her that the guy is really one in a million. Sherlyn makes fun of her. Sarla tells her that Preeta is marrying Prithvi today. Sherlyn can’t believe this. Sarla tells her that everyone would be waiting in the wedding hall. She excuses herself. Sherlyn realizes that Prithvi cheated her again by accepting Sarla’s request.

Prithvi feels there won’t be any hurdle now, since Karan and Rishabh won’t be able to stop him this time. He learns that Shrishti is still in touch with Sameer. She asks her not to keep terms with Luthras. He gets shocked when he gets Sherlyn’s message and learns she is back. Rishabh stops Karan from meeting Preeta’s family who would not support him this time. Shrishti wants to know what is Prithvi hiding. He lies to her about the bill payment message. She asks him about his promise to Preeta that he will refuse for the marriage.

He shocks her by denying it first. He tells her that he will fulfill his promise and respect Preeta. He tells her that he likes Preeta a lot. She insults him. She goes on to threaten him about the video, so that he doesn’t change his word. Prithvi gets worried that she maybe having Sherlyn and his video.

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  1. Karan take Match box throw the Fire than you can stop The Preeta Marriage And Don’t Marry with Maira with Enngenment Karan he don’t like Function at All so I Request for you Karan So Promised with you Karan you don’t make her upset For Preeta be cool down ? and safe Karan loves so Much with Preeta Karan ? Preeta Right Now itself Huge Properly don’t leave with her.


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