Kundali Bhagya Today Panicking Sherlyn Karan Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Today Panicking Sherlyn Karan Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Today Panicking Sherlyn Karan Preeta Karan takes up Prithvi’s challenge. He wants to stop the marriage some how. Prithvi is sure that his plan will work, Sarla will faint and Preeta will get compelled to marry him. He wants Karan to fail badly. Preeta is happy that Prithvi agreed to call off the marriage. She shares her happiness with Janki. He misunderstands her words. He thinks she is happy to marry Prithvi. Karan gets angry and thinks he should leave. Preeta tells Janki that Prithvi can never marry her, if he doesn’t back out from the marriage, then Shrishti will show the video to show his promise. She feels pity for Prithvi.

She tells Janki that Prithvi is a nice guy who agreed to her condition. Rishabh calls up Shrishti to know if Preeta gave her consent for the marriage. She denies it at first. She doesn’t tell him anything so that the news reaches Karan and Karan takes some step. She wants Karan to worry and come to stop the marriage. Shrishti gets a hint that Rishabh is at the wedding hall. She asks him about his whereabouts. He lies to her. Rishabh finds Karan leaving from the venue. He rushes after him. Prithvi wants Sarla to get the attack so that Preeta marries him soon. He waits for getting the good news of Sarla’s state.

He wants to teach a lesson to Karan and Preeta. He gets a huge shock when Sherlyn arrives. Sherlyn bashes him up like never before. He tries to fool her again by lying that he is marrying Preeta for a purpose. He asks her to stop bashing him. He calls it enough. She threatens to expose his plans in front of Luthras. She angers him a lot. He admits that he loves Preeta, but he loves Sherlyn more. She criticizes him for the cheat. She tells him that he has seen her love and now he shall see her anger. She hits him. Prithvi faints down. Sherlyn thinks he is faking his unconscious and asks him to get up.

Karan wants to bash up Prithvi. Rishabh tells him that they can’t do anything wrong. Karan doesn’t want Preeta to marry Prithvi. He tells Rishabh that he will stop Prithvi from going to the mandap by breaking his legs. Sherlyn gets panicking when Prithvi doesn’t respond. Karan tells Rishabh that this situation is personal and unpredictable. Rishabh tells Karan that he is risking his image in the family for his sake. Karan enjoys his time in some selfies with his fan. Rishabh thinks Karan is really silly to forget his primary motive for coming to the wedding hall. He asks Karan not to react cool.

Karan tells Rishabh that there is no problem at all. He tells Rishabh that he has got a good idea, that’s to burn the place to make the people run away. He asks Rishabh to make sure that there are no human calamities. Rishabh asks him not to get mad. Karan tells him that the fire will be controlled and measured. Rishabh calls for the fire brigade and ambulance. Sarla wants the pandit to perform the puja well. Rishabh calls Sarla to take the wedding hall on rent. Sarla stays busy in arrangements. Rishabh tells Sarla that he wants to get the hall for an event. Sarla tells him that she can give him the booking.

Sarla finds him a weird caller. She suddenly gets an attack. Biji wonders why is she having a cardiac arrest when she was fine. She goes to call Preeta. Biji finds Rishabh. He tells her that he has come on Prithvi’s invitation. He stops her from telling Preeta about him. She wants to tell Preeta about Sarla’s bad health. Sherlyn doesn’t want anyone to see him. Sherlyn hides from Karan, who wants to burn up the place.

Shrishti is happy that Preeta’s marriage won’t happen with Prithvi. Preeta and Shrishti learn about Sarla’s critical state. They get worried for their mother. Preeta panics on seeing Sarla’s critical state. Karan doesn’t see Sherlyn and Prithvi. He burns up the place. Karak takes the big move to stop Preeta’s marriage.

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