Patiala Babes Nimki Guddan Upcoming Spoilers

Patiala Babes Mini Neil encounter societal ruckus

Patiala Babes Nimki Guddan Upcoming Spoilers Mini takes care of Babita’s daughter Arya. Arya throws tantrums when Mini shows her many good options for her clothes. Arya doesn’t like anything. Mini wants her to accept her choice. She recalls her childhood. She also used to reject Babita’s choice of clothes. She wants to style herself first. Arya challenges Mini for her bad fashion sense. She doesn’t like Mini’s style. She tells that she knows much of style. She asks Mini to learn about fashion.

Mini tells her that everyone complimented her in college. Arya feels her style is much more better. She dresses up nicely. They together reach the restaurant named Patiala Babes. They are going to inaugurate the restaurant. They have Babita’s picture fixed. They get emotional. Mini is proud of Babita’s hardwork and determination. Babita had fulfilled her dreams before leaving the world. Mini and Arya’s strong bond will be seen.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Akshat gets angered up on Guddan because of Vikrant and Alisha. Guddan hugs Akshat to calm his anger. She doesn’t want him to fight Vikrant. She tells him that they can find a peaceful solution to their problem. He signs the property papers to give the property to Vikrant. Guddan doesn’t allow him to do this. She tears the papers. Parv learns about the papers. He overhears their conversation.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki tells the family that she is going to get Anaro home. Mintu comes to meet Nimki. They don’t see Mintu at the door. Mahua asks Nimki not to get Anaro home. She gives Nimki a choice. She asks Nimki to either choose Anaro or her. Mintu gets to hear their argument. Mahua tells her that Anaro will recall the past, she will remember that she lost her family because of Nimki. She thinks it will be a big problem if Anaro gets revengeful. Nimki tells her that she is related to Anaro and can’t leave her on roads. She has tried to contact Dabloo and Diamond. She takes the responsibility of Anaro’s actions.

She tells that she will guarantee their safety. Ganga calls the media reporters home. She raises the topic of women safety. She wants to work for the welfare of women and their security. The reporters applaud her. Ganga tells them that Parag had given these ideas. She gets Parag appreciated. She shows her nice bond with her son. She tells the reporters that Nimki will still be a part of the new programme.

Nimki feels Ganga is doing right for women. Abhimanyu wants her to think about Anaro, if its right to bring her home. Mintu tells Dadi that Nimki has got her treated and cleared the medical bills. Dadi gets glad to know. Ganga and Parag have a clash after the media goes. Ganga teaches him about politics. Nimki is scared to take Anaro home. Mintu meets her to support her decision.

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