Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Rhea clash Aaliya arrested

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Rhea clash Aaliya arrested

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Rhea clash Aaliya arrested Police barges into Mehra mansion to arrest Aaliya for the accident case. Inspector tells Vikram and Pallavi about the hit and run charges on Aaliya. They can’t believe this. Purab tells Pragya that he had told the doctor that he is Disha’s husband, since his heart told so. Pragya asks him not to feel guilty, its his true feelings. He sheds tears. She consoles him. She asks him to explain his heart and wait for Disha’s reply. He tells her that he has been waiting since twenty years. He feels he is losing everything. He tells her that he is surrounded by loneliness. She pacifies him. Meanwhile, Rhea doesn’t want Aaliya to get arrested.

She loves Aaliya a lot. Aaliya doesn’t want Rhea to cry for her. She tells Rhea that she will deny everything in front of the family. Meera informs Aaliya about the cops asking for her. Aaliya and Rhea get into tension. They try to appear normal. Rhea falls nervous. Aaliya asks Rhea to let her talk and not create troubles. Inspector accuses Aaliya for Disha’s accident. The family realizes that Aaliya has committed the accident intentionally, since the victim is Purab’s ex-wife Disha. They still support Aaliya.

Rhea gets angered and reacts impulsively. Inspector asks them to explain Rhea and not let her interfere in their work. Vikram defends Aaliya. Inspector tells them that Aaliya committed the crime and drove away from the accident site. He tells that they also have an eye witness, Prachi. He tells that Aaliya can’t escape the law now. Rhea scolds the cops in an attempt to stop them. She tells the inspector that Prachi is their enemy, she had filed the fake complaint to get Aaliya arrested. She gets mad in anger. She gets between to save Aaliya. She fails to get any help. She vents anger around.

Aaliya asks her to always believe her and not fall into anyone’s words. She wants Rhea’s support. She asks Rhea to talk to Prachi and make her withdraw the complaint. Rhea tells the family that Prachi wants to ruin them, she isn’t loyal to them, she had framed Prachi. Rhea hates Prachi for ruining Aaliya’s life. She wants to make Prachi pay for this. Vikram tells her that he will bail out Aaliya. Rhea tells him that Aaliya didn’t do any crime, Prachi is lying. She praises Aaliya. She goes out of control. She tells them that she will make Prachi beg for an apology. She expresses her immense love for Aaliya. Meera calms down Rhea.

She knows Rhea’s love for Aaliya. Rhea wants to confront Prachi. Prachi learns about the attack on Madhu, when she comes home. She doesn’t know about Priyanka. Madhu tells her that Rishi has saved her from the thief. Rishi tells that he has informed the police. Sarita wants Pragya home. Prachi doesn’t tell them about Disha’s accident. Prachi doesn’t want to talk to Rhea. Even Shahana doesn’t let her entertain Rhea. Prachi tells her that she wants to teach good things to Rhea. Shahana asks her not to interfere in Rhea’s life, she doesn’t deserve any good teachings. Rhea wants to speak to her some how.

Meera calls up Prachi to discuss the matter. Daasi takes Prachi’s side. Rhea fumes at her for not valuing Aaliya. She doesn’t want everyone to blame Aaliya. They don’t want Rhea to do anything wrong with Prachi. Meera and Vikram try to handle the matter in Abhi’s absence. Vikram tells them that Abhi is still in the flight and can’t answer the call. Pallavi asks them to bail out Aaliya and get her home. Rhea arrives at Pragya’s house to keep her demand. She asks Prachi to withdraw the complaint.

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