Nimki Vidhayak Today Mintu Nimki new beginning

Nimki Vidhayak Today Mintu Nimki new beginning

Nimki Vidhayak Today Mintu Nimki new beginning Nimki is worried that her family will be in problem if she takes Anaro home. She doesn’t want any tension. She asks Anaro to be with her and recover. She takes care of Anaro at the hospital. She feeds her medicines on time. After 15 days, Nimki thinks to take Anaro home. She also meets Dadi. Dadi starts missing her when she doesn’t come. She tells Mintu that Nimki is a caring girl, she has taken care of both of them. She asks him to thank Nimki and take a gift for her. She tells him that she also wants to meet Mintu. Nimki tells her family that she is bringing Anaro home, its her final decision.

Mahua opposes her decision again. Nimki doesn’t want their advice. She asks them to just respect Anaro and behave well with her. Tunne advises her to drop Anaro to the old age home and pay money there. Nimki refuses to this. She doesn’t want to get rid of her responsibility. Mintu overhears their conversation. He tells them that he has come to meet Nimki, since Dadi was calling her home. Chachi gets worried to see Mintu. Nimki and Mintu play a prank on Chachi. Mintu tells her that Dadi is calling her for a get together. Nimki promises to come.

Monu gets scared seeing Mintu, having Babbu’s lookalike. Nimki tells them that Mintu isn’t like Babbu. She proves to them that Mintu is just Mintu. She asks Mintu to go to his Dadi. He tells her that he had overheard her conversation. He wants to help her as she had helped him. He wants his rights as a friend. She doesn’t want to give him any rights, since that would mean she is making him part of her life.

Mintu wants to take Anaro home and look after her, so that Nimki’s problem solves. Anaro looks ahead to go home. She misses her son. She is upset. Mintu watches her and feels sorry for her. Mintu tells Pichku that he wants to help Nimki and return her favors. Mintu likes Nimki and sees a future with her. Mintu and Nimki will have a new beginning soon.

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