Kumkum Bhagya Zee Shocker for Abhi Upcoming

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Shocker for Abhi Upcoming

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Shocker for Abhi Upcoming Rhea gets angered on Prachi for framing Aaliya. She doesn’t care for Prachi’s family. Prachi doesn’t want Rhea to bother her family. She drags Rhea out. She scolds her like an elder sister. Prachi tells her that she will slap her to bring her to senses. Rhea asks her not to become her sister. She insults Prachi. Prachi denies to know about Aaliya’s arrest. She learns that Aaliya had committed Disha’s accident. She tells Rhea that she is the prime witness.

Rhea warns her. Prachi swears that she didn’t know about Aaliya. She wants to get the culprit punished. Rhea asks her not to act great. She asks her to withdraw the case, since the accident was not intentional. She tells that Aaliya is innocent. She compels Prachi. Prachi doesn’t agree with her. Rhea vents her rage at Prachi. Prachi cries for Disha. She wants Rhea to understand Disha’s sorrow and pain.

She wants justice for Disha. She asks Rhea to understand her point. She tells that Abhi will understand her well and support her. Rhea tells Prachi that Aaliya has raised her, unlike Disha who isn’t related to Prachi. She wants to give priority to blood relations. She is happy that she isn’t related to Prachi. Prachi prefers to keep relations made by heart.

After a heated argument, Rhea fails to realize her mistake. She threatens to slap back and punish Prachi. Shahana hides the matter from Sarita. Rishi asks Sarita not to take any tension. Prachi doesn’t reveal anything. Sarita wants to know it from Pragya. Sanju returns to the city. He wants Prachi in his life. He tells that his family is supporting him now. He realizes his mistake of defaming Prachi by falling into Rhea’s words. He wants to rectify his mistake. Rhea gets sheds that she failed to save Aaliya. She calls Abhi to take his help. She learns that Prachi had called Abhi already.

She informs him about Aaliya’s arrest for Disha’s accident case. He gets worried realizing it was an intentional accident. He knows Aaliya’s rage. She tells him that Prachi had filed the complaint and got Aaliya arrested. She asks him to convince Prachi for withdrawing the complaint. Rhea tells him that Prachi states that Aaliya had hit Disha and ran away from the site. She tells that Prachi is accusing Aaliya. He realizes that Prachi isn’t doing wrong, Aaliya has tried to kill Disha in anger. He tells her that Prachi would be stating right. Rhea gets upset with him for supporting Abhi. She hates Prachi for breaking her family.

Abhi calls up Purab to know about Disha. He offers help. Purab asks him how did he get to know about the accident. Abhi fails to tell him that Aaliya is arrested for the accident. Sanju goes to dine at a restaurant. He comes across the waiter he hired before. The waiter gets his number and flees. Rhea creates a scene at the police station to meet Aaliya. She argues with the inspector who is favoring Prachi right now. Inspector assures that he will just follow the law and support the right. Aaliya asks Rhea not to tell anything when the lawyer is coming.

Rhea accuses the inspector for accepting bribe. Inspector warns her for the misbehavior. The waiter blackmails Sanju for getting money from him. Sanju gets worried. He looks for the waiter. Sanju doesn’t want to give the money, since Rhea had hired the waiter. He doesn’t want the waiter to tell truth to Prachi. He decides to give money and stop him from reaching Prachi.

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  1. Rhea we should not talk like that to Pranchi so please don’t Fight with Pranchi if do such Things like that I will not Saying Anything for you Rhea you Argument for Pranchi Than Abhi will came to Mira Missions House and you Aliya if Abhi Slap with Aliya Face Properly you waiting and watch you Planned to Disha for Ascie dent to Disha I hope you


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