Kundali Bhagyya Karan denial regrets coming twists

Kundali Bhagyya Karan denial regrets coming twists

Kundali Bhagyya Karan denial regrets coming twists Rishabh and Rakhi ask Karan about his feelings for Preeta. Rakhi doesn’t want Karan to get worried. Rishabh pampers Karan. Mahira chooses the suit for Karan. Karan accepts her choice. Mahira wants to get engaged to Karan. Prithvi’s mum cries for him. She feels Karan will not let Prithvi marry Preeta. She thinks Prithvi is getting punished for his wrong actions. Sameer confronts Shrishti about Preeta’s marriage with Prithvi. He misunderstands her. She tells him that Preeta’s marriage is cancelled. She reveals that Preeta had already decided to call off the marriage. She feels Karan came in the wedding hall to stop the marriage.

She tells about the fire incident. She is glad to see their love. She asks him if he will also take any such move for her move. He tells her that he will question Karan about it. He calls Karan and doesn’t get any answer. He wants to go home and find out. She rushes home with Sarla’s medicines. Prithvi gets angered that he failed to marry Preeta, all because of Sherlyn. He doesn’t know about Karan igniting the fire in the wedding hall. He asks his mum about the marriage. She tells about the fire incident. He tells that Sherlyn had done everything. He tells that he can marry Preeta in the temple. He learns that Sarla had fallen sick.

His plan back fires. She tells him that his marriage can’t happen at this time. He goes mad. He tells that Sherlyn fought him and made him unconscious. She doesn’t believe him. He tells her that Sherlyn is mad in his love. He thinks Sherlyn is responsible for everything. Sherlyn doesn’t want to go to Luthra house. Her mum wants her to go back to get saved from their questions. Sherlyn tells her about Karan burning the wedding hall to stop Preeta’s marriage. She doesn’t want them to suspect her by seeing her burn marks. Sherlyn convinces her to talk to Kareena. Sanjana informs Kareena that Sherlyn is with her at the hospital to look after her.


Moreover, Sherlyn fools Rakhi and Kareena by her sugary talk. Sherlyn wants to get treated soon so that she can return home in few days. Karan blames Preeta for driving him to this low level. He didn’t wish to get engaged to Mahira. He doesn’t realize his mistake. He wishes that Preeta comes to take revenge and stops his engagement. Sameer wants to check if Karan has really stopped Preeta’s marriage. Sameer asks him if he had gone to the wedding hall where the fire caught up. Karan thinks Sameer already knows the truth. He denies it.

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  1. Poor story, predictable end. Damn too childish. Next upcoming twist will be the fight between Sarla and Kareena. The reason why Kareena hates Preeta is because of the affair she had with Preeta’s late father.

  2. See Karan I told Once Many Times don’t Marry to with Maria see Karan burn the Suit in the Fire if you do such Things I am saying Anything for you Karan so please try to understand you Think About Preeta Marry to Karan Right Now itself so I hope you don’t talk like that for Preeta this is last warning for you Karan be careful be cool down ? and safe

  3. I’m fed up of watching this Prithvi / Sherlyn and Karan / Preetha drama. Why can’t Prithvi and Sherlyn’ s truth come out and Manish come out of his come and admit to everyone who the real culprit is. Move on please this programme is too tedious

  4. And you Maria you get lost for The Luthra house Right Now itself Preeta was Upset so much And don’t go near to Karan ? Preeta Than Sheryln she to came to Prithvi kumkum Hall Rishab Make her ? Upset With Sheryln Scold Properly you don’t leave her I Request for you Rishab Right Now be cool down ? and safe


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