YHM Starplus Shardul Arijit exposed Raman confronts

YHM Starplus Shardul Arijit exposed Raman confronts

YHM Starplus Shardul Arijit exposed Raman confronts Karan, Ruhi, Yug and Aaliya get the address of Bhuvan’s phone number. They find the address fake. Yug confirms to know about the locality well. He tells them that they should better find out the location where the number was last used. They learn that the locality is close to their building. They rush to find Bhuvan. Police finds Bhuvan wounded. Police rushes Bhuvan to the hospital to save his life. Sanjay watches this. He doesn’t know about Bhuvan. He thinks to not inform Arijit about unwanted things. Karan doesn’t see Bhuvan’s face. He realizes that the person stabbed is the same one who wanted to help Ishita.

He tells Yug that they should go to meet him at the hospital. On reaching the hospital, they enquire about Bhuvan. They try hard to meet Bhuvan, but the nurse stops them. They tell the nurse that Bhuvan is their friend and they will donate the blood for him. They get the permission to meet Bhuvan. They realize that Bhuvan is connected to Arijit. They think Ishita was right, she has brought real Raman home, while Shardul was plotting everything. They want to expose Shardul’s truth. Yug tells them that he will donate blood to Bhuvan and maybe he helps them later on. He wants to do good as Ishita taught them.

Shardul finds Ruhi and Aaliya missing. He asks Simmi about them. Simmi tells them that they have gone on a long drive, they are fed up of the imposter. She is also angry because of the imposter. He tells that he is more angry since Ishita is living with the stranger. He suspects Ruhi and calls her to know about her location. Ruhi lies to him that she came for dinner with some friends. Shardul gets convinced by them. Arijit thinks police should have contacted them regarding Bhuvan’s matter. He doesn’t know that Yug and Karan have become Bhuvan’s friends in front of police and taken his belongings as well.


He calls up Shardul to know about Bhuvan. Shardul tells Arijit that Bhuvan would be dead by now. He has committed the murder. Ishita learns his crime. She wants to mock a fight to stop him at home so that she gains evidence against him. Shardul asks Arijit not to worry for Bhuvan’s matter. Ishita gets into a huge argument with Simmi to stop Shardul at home. She tells Shardul that he should apologize to Raman. Raman asks Simmi to apologize as well. Simmi and Shardul refuse. The family drama goes on. Ishita succeeds to stop Shardul for some time. Shardul goes out to check on Bhuvan.

Yug learns that Bhuvan is dead. Karan feels bad for him. Police hands over Bhuvan’s belongs to them. Inspector tries to investigate about the murder. Shardul as Raman misleads the police. Sanjay asks the reason for his lie. Shardul tells him that police often catches the innocent. Shardul lies to Sanjay about Bhuvan. Yug gets a memory card at the murder crime site. He unlocks the card. Karan and Yug check the memory card. They find Bhuvan’s connection with Arijit. They also get to see Neeti’s pictures. They realize that Ishita really got Raman home, he is the real Raman and Shardul is cheating them.

They also learn that Arijit lied to them about Neeti, he is behind the huge conspiracy. Raman gets to meet Neeti, who panics on seeing him. Ishita cleverly exposes Shardul and Arijit with the help of Neeti. Raman faces his enemies. He wants to know about their hidden motives. Shardul and Arijit get caught by Raman and Ishita. Their evil chapter closes. Will they reveal Raman and Neeti’s connection? Keep reading.

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