Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Loveleen unthinkable break down

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Loveleen unthinkable break down

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Loveleen unthinkable break down Lovely emotionally breaks down knowing Sikandar is lying and is really ill. Sikandar acts happy and lively. He sings and plays a guitar. He tells Kulfi that he always wanted to see his family happy and together. He feels his dream has come true and very soon they will shift to their old house too. He misses his favorite music instrument, mouth organ. Kulfi tells him that she will get it for him. Sikandar goes aside to add medicines in the water. He has to take medicines on time to make sure that he doesn’t collapse in front of his family. Lovely wants to know from Sikandar about the medicines, when he already told that he is fine.

She doesn’t want to believe him. She suspects him. He tries hard to trick her into his lies. She learns that he is really taking the medicines and that too hiding his illness. Sikandar records the video for his daughters. He wants to teach them two lessons to lead a good life. Kulfi gets Sikandar’s photo album. He gets glad and cherishes his childhood memories. She determines to find the missing mouth organ. He doesn’t think it will be found. He asks her not to have blind belief and just follow the truth.

He asks her to forget her promise of getting the mouth organ back. Lovely enquires about the medicines. She learns that Sikandar is soon going to die. She can’t accept this harsh truth. Kulfi reaches some place to get a mouth organ for Sikandar. She wants to fulfill her promise. She tells the man that Sikandar owned his old house. She asks him if he knows about the mouth organ. He denies to know anything. She finds Sikandar’s mouth organ inside the house. She wants it back. She faces the man’s wrath. She tries to know his problem. Lovely finds impossible to deal with the truth. She faces Sikandar. She asks him not to lie again about his illness.

Kulfi faints down and gets an entry in the old man’s house. She tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. Her dream ends when he threatens of police. She asks him to help her and return the mouth organ that belongs to Sikandar. He refuses to her. She is left with no option than to snatch the mouth organ. She learns about the old man’s son, who is a kid mentally. The old man asks her to return the mouth organ. Sikandar gets a shocking news that his survival isn’t possible, his tumour can’t get treated.

The doctor informs him that she had got the word from the special surgeon as well. She tells him that there is no way to treat his illness and he will eventually die soon. She breaks his hopes. Sikandar gets shattered. Kulfi heads to meet the doctor and know about his state. The doctor gives her the same bad news that Sikandar’s tumour is at the last stage and he can’t get any help to survive. Kulfi doesn’t accept this. She tells the doctor to talk to more specialists and find some treatment idea. She learns that he will be dying in a month’s time. She wants to make everyone believe that one should always hold faith and any miracle can happen because of strong faith. Will Sikandar get saved? Keep reading.

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Kasauti ZK


  1. I just simply love Kulfi she is so mature even though she gets a raw deal from Amyra all the time. I hope kids can learn from Kulfi she is a wonderful kid. Love ? you kulfi

  2. Kufil is such a wonderful girl I always want my kids to watch and learn something new from her I hope she finally finds happiness coz she deserved it


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