Kundali Bhagya Latest Preeta Karan plead for help

Kundali Bhagya Latest Preeta Karan plead for help

Kundali Bhagya Latest Preeta Karan plead for help Mahira gets hyper and shouts on the beauticians. She gets angry on her friend as well. She throws her frustration. She wants a gorgeous look. She doesn’t want to go for engagement if she doesn’t look good. Shrishti hears her and gets an idea in mind. She doesn’t want Dadi to see her. She wishes to find a solution soon. She looks for Sameer. She meets Sameer and tells him how she struggled to get saved from Dadi. She shows her clothes designs to him. She asks him to recall if he has seen someone wearing such clothes. She wants the clothes to get a disguise. He tells her that Kritika has such clothes, but he can’t steal it.

She tells him that she will get the dress herself. She gets a makeover. She dresses in a Japanese attire and acts accordingly. She doesn’t want Rakhi to identify her. Rakhi doesn’t identify her. Shrishti convinces her in a hilarious way. Shrishti wants to become Mahira’s beautician so that she turns her ugly and blocks her from going to the engagement. She finds Mahira yelling at the beautician again. She wants to teach a lesson to Mahira. She meets Mahira and tricks her to believe that she is the best beautician around. Mahira wants a bridal look.

Shrishti gets smart to fool her by a funny drama. Mahira sits relaxed to see what magic she does. Shrishti asks her to not see her look until it gets completed. She wants to give a shock to Mahira. Karan reaches Mahesh to share his problems.

He tells Mahesh that he needs him. He wants to tell that he isn’t able to find happiness even when he is getting engaged to a nice girl. He has a good support in the form of Rishabh. He still wants his dad back. He misses Mahesh’s scolding. He wants Mahesh to reform his spoilt ways. He loves Mahesh a lot. He updates Mahesh about his life. He wants Mahesh to respond to him and stop his engagement. He tells about stopping Preeta’s marriage with the help of Rishabh.

He tells Mahesh that he was helpless to do this, since he missed his dad’s support. He apologizes to Mahesh. He pleads to Mahesh to help him by waking up from coma. Rakhi consoles Karan. She is sure that Mahesh will recover soon. She cheers up Karan. She tells Karan that she is happy with his engagement, that Preeta got married to Prithvi. He tells that Preeta’s marriage didn’t happen. She gets surprised. Preeta deals with her emotional turmoil. Preeta gets hurt while venting anger on Karan. She wishes that someone helps her out. She doesn’t know that Shrishti is already working hard to help her by stopping Karan and Mahira’s engagement. Janki gets upset knowing Karan is the reason for Preeta’s pain.

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  1. When are we going to see Karan and Preeta together. I think it’s getting to monotonous now. Too much of exaggeration will.spoil the interest in watching the serial

    • In this serial only Prothvi and Sheryln have mind because they both are doing whatever in the show…all other are only for acting in serial….no work of them in serial killer

  2. Preeta was carrying in the Pain so I am telling to you Karan please don’t hurt for Preeta she will not see to Maira Face at All see Karan and don’t Fight with Preeta I don’t like it you just Think About Preeta Okay stopped Enngenment please Try to understand that And don’t Waste The Time Right Now itself Zee Ristey Awards coming on 8 Sunday 2019 be cool down ? and safe be Simile ☺️ with Face ?

  3. Rakhi told you Karan we should Marry with Preeta Not only Maira you just leave them please you can do it otherwise if not Marry with Preeta She gets upset so I am telling to you Karan be careful you don’t feel Sad so much to Preeta Okay I hope you Try to understand that you Think About Preeta be cool down ? and safe

  4. This serial sucks because they are preaching that evil always wins and that being good is bad. Not a good thing to watch with family of you are teaching youngsters the opposite of what parents have been teaching their kid’s to become responsible and good citizens in the end. It’s too contradicting. Always Sherlyn and Prithvi is playing dirty and not getting exposed and no misunderstanding being resolved. I mean how long you want to make that actor sleep. Even in real life the person doesn’t sleep so long unless he is brain dead and on ventilation. If you are looking for the episodes to run into marathon- long time, then make it good -bad-good with sprinkles of romance between every couple in the serial- married or not..

  5. I agree. Their episode sucks. How can prithvi and Sherilyn continue to do evil and never been caught. That is rubbish. They should look for good stories with good ending. Otherwise, no award for them.


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