Zee Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming

Zee Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming

Zee Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Vikrant’s true colors are exposed in front of Akshat and Guddan. Vikrant fixes a bomb in Alisha’s bangles. He tells them that he will kill Alisha. Guddan plays smart and handcuffs Vikrant and Alisha so that he doesn’t kill Alisha. Guddan wants to save Alisha. She tricks Vikrant and makes him sit for the puja. She quietly handcuffs Vikrant to shock him. Vikrant gets compelled to say the truth. He blurts out the truth himself in anger. Akshat and Guddan hug Alisha when Vikrant threatens to kill Alisha. Vikrant gets angry on Vikrant and his clever wife. Akshat points gun at Vikrant. Vikrant tells them that he can prove himself by making a human bomb sacrifice, he is ready to die to kill Alisha.

Alisha begs him to spare her family. Vikrant scares Akshat further. He tells that he can’t let anyone torturing Guddan and Alisha. Vikrant blames Akshat for his wife’s accident and child’s loss. Akshat explains that he didn’t commit the accident to harm Vikrant’s wife. Vikrant reprimands Akshat for ruining his life. He asks Akshat to look at himself and recall his crimes, he had snatched his child and pushed his wife into depression. He tells that Akshat is good fated to have his daughter with him.

He blames Akshat for ruining others’ fate. Vikrant tells him that his wife had a miscarriage because of Akshat’s mistake. Guddan lets them clarify their year old enmity. Akshat was unaware that Vikrant’s wife was pregnant. Vikrant calls him a murderer. Akshat doesn’t accept this. He tells that Vikrant is lying. Vikrant tells that he isn’t mad to waste time for his rivalry, without any motive. Vikrant threatens to kill Akshat. Akshat asks him to shoot him, but not harm Guddan and Alisha. Vikrant compels Guddan to get away from Akshat.

Guddan doesn’t leave supporting Akshat. Vikrant tells Akshat that they aren’t in a state to threaten. Vikrant goes mad to fulfill his revenge. He get Alisha at gun point. He makes an escape and releases Alisha. Akshat and Guddan succeed to save Alisha.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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