Yeh Rishtaa Superb romance twists awaken Kaira love

Yeh Rishtaa Superb romance twists awaken Kaira love

Yeh Rishtaa Superb romance twists awaken Kaira love Kartik and Naira feel shy by the news of their remarriage. The family wants to give them some time until the divorce happens. They want to discuss about the pre-marriage functions. Kartik and Naira get nervous to think of their reunion and remarriage. They think of the pre-marriage proposal that’s much needed from their sides. Naira wants Kartik to take the initiative this time. She thinks to wait for him to come up with the proposal. Kartik doesn’t know why is he feeling like a young bachelor, when he has to propose his own wife, who is also his child’s mom. Naira too feels like a teenager experience love for the first time.

They deal with their feelings and decide to wait for each other’s proposal. Naksh finds Naira behaving weird. Naira avoids Kartik and goes to Singhania family. They visit a temple to thank that everything is getting fine. Kartik and Naira experience love like the first time. Kartik learns that Naira has gone out. He gets loud that he isn’t able to meet her now. He misses her. He is very happy to experience this wait for his lover. Kairav finds his behavior strange. Kartik and Naira can’t explain their new feelings to anyone, even then the families understand it well. Kartik’s happy smile gets witnessed by the family.

They are much happy to see him happy from his heart. They pull Kartik’s leg. Singhanias too pull Naira’s leg knowing how madly she is in love with Kartik. Naksh asks Naira to go to Goenkas and meet Kartik. Naira doesn’t have courage to face Kartik with a proposal. She wants a proper plan of proposal. Manish teases Kartik further and hugs him. Kartik turns much shy. The family asks him to go to Naira and confess love to her soon. Naira feels too nervous, just like Kartik. Kartik tells the family that Naira is brave and she will come to propose him. He waits for Naira while missing her. Naira too waits for Kartik’s proposal.

She thinks he should come with a proposal. They wish to meet and yearn for each other, which results in a beautiful romantic dream sequence. Kartik proposes Naira with love. She accepts his love proposal happily. Their dream makes them more restless and wanting such a proposal. Kartik and Naira spend time in the sweet waiting period. Naira thinks to go and propose him. Kartik also decides to propose her. They try to find some way to bring the best proposal. On the contrary, Vedika sinks in sorrow. She gets Pallavi’s support. Pallavi gets hurt seeing Vedika in so much sorrow.

She asks Vedika why did she give up on her marriage so soon when she could have opposed Naira. She tells that Vedika is foolish to clear the path for Kartik and Naira’s union. Vedika didn’t wish to drag the upsetting love triangle for long. She has realized that she is the unwanted part in Kartik’s life. Pallavi asks her not to get depressed. Vedika knows that Kartik and Naira are meant to be with each other. Pallavi asks her to move on in life. Vedika is heartbroken. Kartik and Naira’s proposal practice gets witnessed by their families.

They have a good laugh seeing their antics. Dadi gets upset thinking about Vedika, who had undergone injustice from the fate. Dadi tells the family that she has no courage to inform Vedika about Kaira happiness. She wants Vedika’s life to come on right track. Goenkas decide to involve Vedika in their family again so that Vedika doesn’t feel lonely. Goenkas want Kartik to propose Naira soon and get ahead in life, since he lost precious years in his life already. Kartik gets blessings from his elders. They wish for a Kaira union. Kartik and Naira get decked up and rush for the proposal at each other’s house.

They make an entry via the room windows to meet each other. They don’t find each other and get looking in the house. The families find them looking for each other at the wrong places. Goenkas tell Naira that Kartik has gone to meet her at Singhania house. Singhanias tell Kartik that Naira has gone to meet him at Goenka house. The families laugh on their funny switch. Kartik and Naira run to meet each other. They have a unique proposal again. They happily look ahead to their marriage. Goenkas and Singhanias begin the marriage functions. Will Vedika bring any twist in the marriage because of Pallavi’s instigation? Keep reading.

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