Kundali Bhagya Karan Rishabh surprised Preeta entry

Kundali Bhagya Karan Rishabh surprised Preeta entry

Kundali Bhagya Karan Rishabh surprised Preeta entry Karan tells Rakhi that Preeta’s marriage didn’t happen and he will make sure that it never happens. She asks him what does he mean, Preeta deserves happiness. He tells her that he will curse Preeta always. He lies to her. She doubts on him and asks if she has gone to break the wedding. He asks her to ask Rishabh about it. She tells him that she will really ask Rishabh. Karan wants to warn Rishabh about Rakhi’s interrogation. On the other hand, Preeta is in pain because of Karan. She feels Karan has done wrong with her, he is marrying Mahira and still bothering her. Shrishti does the make up to Mahira to give her a shock.

Mahira is excited to look at herself. She likes the fragrance. She wants to hire the same Japanese beautician. Mahira gets a huge shock on seeing the ugly makeup. Shrishti gets glad to ruin her mood and day. Karan alerts Rishabh about Rakhi. He is upset that everyone doubts that he lies always and believes only Rishabh. Rakhi asks Rishabh about Preeta’s marriage. Rishabh tells her that Preeta didn’t get married. Karan interrupts the conversation. Kareena and Biji also learn that Preeta didn’t marry Prithvi.

Rakhi suspects Karan. Karan wants her to trust him. She wants to just hear the truth. Rakhi gets emotional. Kareena wants Rakhi to behave normal in the party. Ramona asks about Rakhi’s tension. Biji asks her not to worry. Later, Prithvi meets Sarla to show his concern. He asks her to take care and not worry about the marriage. Preeta asks Prithvi about his arrival. He fakes concern for Preeta and family. Preeta avoids Karan’s messages. Sarla apologizes to Prithvi for failing to get their marriage done. She feels guilty. They ask Sarla not to blame herself.

Prithvi doubts that Sherlyn had ignited the fire to stop the marriage. He takes the credit of calling the medical team and fire brigade on time before he fainted by the injury. He tells that he wanted to alert the people and save them. Sarla feels lucky to have him around. Preeta thanks him for calling rescue team. Prithvi dreams of Preeta. He wants to spend time with her.

He feels she is too sweet. Rupali is the organizer at Karan’s function. She calls Preeta to seek help. She wants Preeta to help her in the kitchen work. Preeta tells she will arrange caterers. Rupali informs that Shrishti is in Luthra mansion. Preeta worries that Shrishti will get humiliated again. She tells Rupali that she will try to send some chef for help.

She calls Shrishti to get her back. Mahira yells at Shrishti for giving her an ugly look. Shrishti fools her that she is looking very pretty. Mahira feels everyone will laugh on her. Shrishti succeeds in her motive. Shrishti gets Preeta’s call and is summoned. She lies to Preeta. Preeta wants her to accept her mistake. Shrishti disconnects the call to get saved. Preeta wants to confirm that Shrishti is in Luthra house.

Shrishti makes excuses. Preeta fears that Karan will get Shrishti arrested this time. She gets helpless to go to Luthra mansion to save her sister. Kareena is sure that Preeta will come home to break Karan’s engagement. She fills Rakhi’s mind with poison. Rakhi doesn’t want to lose faith on Preeta. Kareena asks her to secure Karan’s happiness. Rakhi tells Kareena that Preeta will never harm them. Kareena reminds about the notice sent by Preeta. Ramona learns the matter. She worries for Mahira’s happiness. Preeta makes an entry for Shrishti, while everyone misunderstands her intentions that she has come for Karan’s sake. will Preeta stop Karan’s engagement? Keep reading.

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