Beyhadh 2 Rudra Maya face a dangerous twist

Beyhadh Love woes Mrityunjay Maya past unveils

Beyhadh 2 Rudra Maya face a dangerous twist Rishi shops a costly gift for Maya. Rudra tells Rishi that he will buy everything for him on Raksha bandhan. Rishi tells him that he is shopping for his girlfriend. He doesn’t name Maya. Rudra asks him who is the lucky girl. Rishi jokes that the girl isn’t like Ananya, who prefers to just wait and hold in the relationship. Rudra tells him that he has cleared to Ananya that she is just his friend and they can never marry. Rishi pities Ananya who treats their family as her in-laws. He asks Rudra to consider Ananya.

Rudra tells him that he has someone else in his life, that’s his lovely family. Ananya looks for Rudra. She asks Rishi if he doesn’t know that Rudra has sold himself to Maya for three days. Mrityunjay hears this and questions Ananya. She doesn’t reveal about Maya. Maya calls Rudra to the fish market. Ananya calls him, but Maya throws his phone into the water. Maya asks him to just work. He calls her crazy to throw his phone. She asks him to be with her just the way she wants if he wants to sign her up for his company. Rudra gets helpless to obey her. She asks him to sell the fishes.

She is ready to work with him. She asks him to show his marketing skills. Rudra makes stories to sell the fishes to the customers. Maya gets his video recorded to send to Mrityunjay, who enquires about Rudra from Ananya. Ananya tells Mrityunjay that she doesn’t know about his bad terms with Rudra, she respects him and also Rudra. She doesn’t want to hurt him. She tells him that she can’t betray her friend by revealing anything. She asks him to call Rudra directly. Rishi calls Maya for a talk. Rudra asks her to switch off the phone during work hours. Rudra gives the earned money to Maya.

He thinks its more than expected. Maya dumps the money that’s not enough for her. Rishi tells his parents that he has chosen a girl for himself. He lies about Maya. Mrityunjay learns that Rishi has bought a bracelet worth 5 lakhs. Rudra’s fish selling video goes viral. Mrityunjay gets a shock seeing the video sent by Maya. He gets into an argument with Rudra. He wants to find out who is making Rudra do such odd things. He can’t see his son helpless. He wants to find about Maya. Maya falls in danger deliberately. She wants to test Rudra further. Rudra becomes her savior. Maya is clear that she will never fall in love with Rudra. Will Rudra fall in love with her? Keep reading.

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