Sanjivani Starplus Latest Today Sidisha painful twist

Sanjivani Starplus Latest Today Sidisha painful twist

Sanjivani Starplus Latest Today Sidisha painful twist Sid is much in guilt that he has cheated Ishani by marrying Asha. He feels worse when he thinks of his promise to Asha. Asha instigates him to know if he will keep his promise or not. She tells that she is ready to give birth to her baby who would suffer without a father. Sid being a gem at heart takes all the pain and burden on himself, instead finding the child’s real father Aman. Sid could have found Aman and compelled him to take up his responsibility. Sid instead took the wrong path and married Asha to save her baby. Now, he feels bounded in the unwanted marriage. He has no option than to sacrifice his love for Ishani if he wants to save the baby’s future.

He walks on the road thinking of his own childhood, which was too miserable because of his father’s absence. He knows Roshni’s struggles to raise him alone. He doesn’t want Asha and her baby to suffer. He forgets the big crimes done by Asha. Asha gets a clean chit for all her plottings because of her pregnancy. She gets an upper hand in the matter and blackmails Sid further to keep the marriage. Sid visualizes his childhood and promises that he won’t let Asha’s baby get punished. He meets Ishani and shares his dilemma.

He can’t get Asha’s baby have a childhood like him. He feels responsible for the baby’s future. He tells Ishani that he can’t do injustice with her and also Asha’s baby. He feels torn between both of them. He leaves the decision to Ishani. He tells her that whatever her decision be, he will accept and respect it. Ishani tells him that she wants to become selfish and think of their own happiness than caring for Asha’s baby. She tells that she wants her rights on his love forever, which would mean he will never love someone else. Ishani also gets foolish like Sid to fall in Asha’s trap.

She asks Sid to choose Asha’s baby than their lovely bond. She tells him that no baby should suffer in the world, since they both have had a bad childhood. Sid feels proud of Ishani for sacrificing their love. On the other hand, Asha recalls how her elder sister had committed suicide and died, because of her parents’ mistake to get her married to a wrong person. Her sister wasn’t independent to manage her own life after the abandonment and ended herself. Asha doesn’t want to face such a way. She is sure that Sid won’t abandon her and even if he does, she will not lose focus on her career.

Ishani gifts a Sidisha engraved pendant to Sid. She tells him that she was hoping for their union since a long time, but maybe that’s not in their fate now. The couple gets emotional. He promises to give his love’s sole rights to Ishani.

He wants to remain of Ishani always. Asha wants to keep her promise and save her career by any fair and unfair means. Later, Sid’s patient runs to take help from Shashank. He pleads for help over settling the huge bill. He tells Shashank that Sid had prescribed a big stock of medicines and also recommended unnecessary tests to him. He doesn’t understand the reason for such a hefty bill amount.

Shashank checks his file and realizes the fault. He assures to handle the matter. He summons Sid and enquires about it. Sid names Asha to be behind this plotting. He gets enraged that Asha is playing with his career again. Vardaan is behind this conspiracy. He names Asha in front of Shashank. He also lays a doubt that Sid is duping his patients for money. Sid gets angered and confronts Asha for manipulating things again.

He tells her that he had forgiven her just for her baby’s sake, but she can’t do this. Asha gets reprimanded by Sid and Ishani. Ishani wants to know the person involved with Asha. She asks Asha to tell the reason of her revenge towards Sid. She suspects Vardaan. She wants to know the truth from Asha. Will Asha answer them the truth about Vardaan’s enmity for Shashank? Keep reading.

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