Kundali Bhagyaa Disguised Preeta Rishtey Pyaar

Kundali Bhagyaa Disguised Preeta Rishtey Pyaar

Kundali Bhagyaa Disguised Preeta Rishtey Pyaar Upcoming Preeta takes a disguise of a male waiter to hide from Karan and Rishabh. She doesn’t want anyone from Luthra family to see her. She rushes to find Shrishti and take her home before Kareena catches them and humiliates. She bumps into Karan unknowingly. The drink spills over Karan’s clothes. Preeta apologizes to him. He forgives her and calms her down seeing her nervous. She tells her name Preeta to him in tension. Karan gets alert and observes her well. Preeta rushes away in time.

Shrishti makes sure that Mahira doesn’t come for the engagement. She hides from Ramona, who happens to meet Mahira to inform her about Preeta. Ramona tells Mahira that Preeta’s marriage didn’t happen with Prithvi. This shocking news tenses Mahira. Ramona tells that its a problem for them. She doesn’t want Preeta to come back in Karan’s life. Mahira feels she has the sole right on her would be fiance Karan now, knowing that he is already Preeta’s husband.

Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:

Abir and Mishti deal with their old memories that flutter their minds all the time. They had much love between them. Their love is still the same but hidden inside their hearts. Mishti wants to remind him the vows that they have taken together. She plans to celebrate her birthday with Nannu. Nannu invites Abir and Kunal in the birthday celebrations.

Mishti’s birthday event will bring Abir and Mishti close. Mishti revives the old moments as her last birthday. Their break up changed the situation completely. The reality is that Abir is mistaken about Nishant and Mishti’s relationship. He wants Mishti to be happy with anyone she chooses. He doesn’t come in her way of happiness. Mishti has an agenda to make Abir confess love to her. She wants Abir’s real happiness, that is somewhere lost because of Meenakshi. Mishti succeeds to revive Abir’s memories with the help of Nannu. Abir will soon blurt out his feelings that he loves Mishti a lot and was helpless because of his mother.


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  1. Would like to ask EKTA that when are we going to see Karan and Preeta together. The twist nbturns are exciting to see but it’s high time they get back together

  2. Karan your became Shock About Preeta I am Right Don’t Fight with Preeta be careful than don’t blame For Karan you just Think that you Tell her Sorry for Preeta She will not do Anything About you Karan And don’t Make upset For Preeta Hug Properly don’t leave her Come On Karan you can do it love Preeta be cool down ? and safe you just be Relex For Same time Okay done ?

  3. Rishab please stop The Engmment Cancelled The Program For Preeta She not see the Maira Face at All Karan ? Preeta is Nice Couple Please Exchanged The Ring For Preeta And Karan I Promise for you Preeta She will no do Anything for Karan be cool down ? and safe you Relex For Same time


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