Kahaan Hum Starplus Nishi Shocking accusation on Rohit

Kahaan Hum Starplus Nishi Shocking accusation on Rohit

Kahaan Hum Starplus Nishi Shocking accusation on Rohit Sonakshi realizes that Rohit is hiding a sensitive secret about Pooja’s adoption. Nishi, Yash and Rohit are hiding the truth from the entire family. The secret gets mysterious, since Nishi reveals Rohit’s involvement in the adoption process. Sonakshi tries to bring Pooja close to her family. Pooja doesn’t think the family belongs to her. Sonakshi makes her realize her mistake. She tells Pooja that when her dad left her, Suman has been her mum and dad, who took care of three children all alone. She tells that they never turned back to wait for her dad’s return, since Suman became their world.

She asks Pooja to realize the worth of the parents who fulfill the duties, than those who just give birth and get away. She wants Pooja to value relationships from heart than thinking of her blood ties. She asks Pooja to evaluate if anyone from the family made her feel like an outsider. She tells that Sippys love her a lot and had been with her in joy and sorrow. She puts some sense in Pooja’s mind. Nishi and Yash lose hope that Pooja will join them for breakfast. Nishi also wants to leave the breakfast.

Yash insists her to have something and look after her health. Sonakshi surprises them by bringing Pooja. Pooja makes a fresh start with Sippys. She connects with her parents again. Nishi gets emotional. Yash is thankful to Sonakshi for making this possible. Sonakshi succeeds to unite the family again. Sonakshi wants to leave for her shoot and skips the breakfast. Veena is thankful to her for handling the delicate relations. Rohit arrives home while Sonakshi leaves. Rohit gets pleased to see Pooja happy. He realizes that Sonakshi has taken care of Pooja well and brought her together with the family.

He gets more pleased when he finds Sonakshi’s cute notes to guide him and help him. She doesn’t want him to feel lonely. He feels her presence around by her notes. He is happy with the perfect arrangements done by Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets his selfie and is happy for him. Pari meets Sonakshi. She feels guilty. She tells the truth that she had leaked Pooja’s adoption truth to Tapasya. Sonakshi can’t believe this. She rushes to meet Rohit at his hospital. She tells him that she is lucky to get a loving husband like him. She tells that Pari accepted her mistake. She feels ashamed that her family member is behind Pooja’s sorrow.

She apologizes to him. He tells her that they have to handle their families well. He apologizes on his family’s behalf. He is stressed that Pooja will try to know her real parents. She tells him that anyone would do that being in Pooja’s place. He doesn’t want Pooja to find out the truth that could break the entire Sippy family. She realizes that he already knows the truth. She asks him to share the truth with her. He disagrees and denies that he is aware of the harsh truth. He tells her that he is protective about his sister and loves her a lot. He can’t see Pooja shattering. Sonakshi asks him not to get hyper.

He takes a promise from her that she will not assist Pooja. She promises him. They return home. Rohit gets romantic and plans his wedding night. Sonakshi asks him to wait for a year like it happens in her serial. He doesn’t want to wait longer. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can’t stay away. Sonakshi and Rohit plan their wedding night and get a hotel suite booked. Rohit plans naughty surprises for her. On the other hand, Rohan wants to meet Pari. He thinks why isn’t she coming home or calling him. Pari feels Rohan learnt the truth. She is worried to face him. Sonakshi plays games with the family. She brings Pooja and Nishi closer.

Pooja normalizes well. Sonakshi and Rohit are relieved seeing Pooja’s smiling face. Pooja apologizes to Nishi and Yash for being rude and hurting their hearts. She questions them about her biological parents. They ask her if she would be leaving the family. Pooja assures that she would live with them, but wants her rights to know her identity. They get worried and rush to take help from Rohit. They want Rohit to take charge. They think Sonakshi can help them in handling Pooja. Nishi tells Rohit that Pooja wants to know about her parents.

She tells him that the family will reprimand him on knowing the truth. Pooja’s adoption truth has come out and ended Nishi’s fears. Rohit’s fears begin when Pooja asks about her father. Pooja wants to know the reason behind her abandonment. Rohit doesn’t want to reveal anything to Pooja. Sonakshi gets hint of the mystery veiled.

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