Patiala Babes Mini big decision Manmohini marriage twist

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Patiala Babes Mini big decision Manmohini marriage twist Mini decides to stay back in India for Arya’s sake. She loves Arya a lot. She makes Arya ready for the school and sends her. She learns that her Dadi had taken loans for saving the restaurant. She cancels her plan to go back to Australia. She wants many responsibility. She has to take care of Arya’s upbringing and also manage the restaurant. She gets hints from the fate that she stays back. She thinks of selling the restaurant and pay off loans.

Dadi wants her to make the restaurant run successful to clear the loans and manage their expenses. Mini finally gets clear of her big dilemma. She chooses Arya and Babita’s dreams over her career and life.

Manmohini Shiv announces marriage with Ketki:

Shiv and Ananya have a romantic moment. Shiv wears the saree when she teases him by making his clothes away. Ananya laughs at him. They have a romantic moment. Shiv and Ketki’s marriage gets fixed. Ketki happily dances with the family. The family blesses Ketki. They are happy that Ketki is getting a nice groom.

Shiv loves Ananya a lot, from their last birth. He wants to overcome his inner devil and secure Ananya’s life. Ananya learns the shocking news of his marriage. She gets disheartened. He agrees to accept Ketki so that he can keep Ananya from his threat. Sunanda aka Mohini wishes Ketki all the best for her coming life. Ananya sheds sorrowful tears. She loses her love in a moment. Sunanda consoles Ananya. Ananya doesn’t believe the happening. She has seen Shiv’s love in his eyes. She wants to know why is he marrying Ketki. She plans to make Shiv realize his love. She wants an answer from him. Mohini doesn’t want Ananya and Shiv to get married.

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