Kasauti Starplus Shocking Prerna accident New twists

Kasauti Starplus Shocking Prerna accident New twists

Kasauti Starplus Shocking Prerna accident New twists Kasauti Prerna accident shocking twists for Anurag Komolika bashes on her taunts on Prerna, while Mohini supports her. She tells Prerna that she will not spare her for the theft. Prerna insists Mohini to check the money bag, it will be there itself. Mohini doesn’t listen to her. She believes Komolika. Veena pities Mohini for being so blind in ego. She tells Mohini that she really deserves the worst Bahu in the world. She feels Sonalika is very luck like evil Komolika. Mohini doesn’t think so. She asks Veena not to tell Sonalika about Komolika and Anurag’s past. She is happy that both cunning Komolika and Prerna are out of Anurag’s life.

Veena and Mohini, Nivedita and Shivani, Prerna and Komolika make pairings to drag the scene with their arguments until the time Anurag arrives. Komolika insists the police to take arrest Prerna, but Anurag comes to rescue. Anurag thanks Shivani for informing him in time. He asks his family why didn’t they ask him before calling the police. Komolika tells him that Prerna would have taken Veena’s help to steal the cash. Anurag doesn’t want to listen anything against Veena. He stops Komolika from insulting them. He takes care of Anurag and Veena. He feels awkward and sorry. Komolika tells him that Prerna has really stolen the cash.

He tells that he trusts Prerna, and knows she isn’t a gold digger. Komolika challenges Prerna to get her house searched for the money bag if she is true. Anurag doesn’t want this. Prerna agrees to her challenge. She knows she is true and need not worry. Anurag and Komolika accompany the police. Shivani thinks Komolika planned this to frame Prerna, which means she had hidden the suitcase in their house. She alerts Prerna about the plan. Komolika had herself planted the bag in Prerna’s room to frame her in the theft. She wanted Anurag to hate Prerna. She had seen Anurag in Prerna’s room, finding the album.

She wants to make Prerna fall in Anurag’s sight. The police checks Prerna’s house well. Komolika acts evil again. She tries to hurt Veena’s sentiments by breaking Rajesh’s photo frame. Anurag doesn’t let this happen. He hands over the photo to Veena. He feels really bad seeing the search going on. He apologizes to Sharma family. He gets helpless because of Komolika. She tells him that she will apologize if she is wrong. She asks the police to search for the bag in Prerna’s room. Anurag rushes to hide the album, which he took from the cupboard. He doesn’t see the pictures. Komolika gets alert and hides the pictures from him.

She is glad that Anurag and Prerna’s engagement pictures are not in Anurag’s reach now. Shivani questions her. Komolika misleads her. She asks the police to check Prerna’s room well. She guides the police and finds the bag. She insults Prerna. Prerna and Shivani are all smiling that the bag just has some clothes in it. Komolika wonders where did the cash go. Prerna and Shivani changed the bag in time. Anurag compels Komolika to apologize to Veena. Prerna asks the police to search Basu house now. She challenges Komolika that she will expose her truth. Komolika fears. She doesn’t like Prerna coming in her way and ruining her happiness.

She decides to take the matter in her hand. She doesn’t want to depend on Ronit. She hires an assassin to get Prerna out of her way. Prerna is proved innocent in the theft case. Anurag is pleased to clear her name. He connects with Prerna, leaving Komolika more enraged. Komolika gets Prerna attacked. Will Prerna survive? Will Anurag regain his memory? The miscarriage twist will be next in the show. Keep reading.

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