Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Pragya senses huge danger hit

Kumkum Bhagyya Pragya plans surprising love twist

Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Pragya senses huge danger hit Ranbir scares Prachi and bursts into laughter. Prachi gets angry on him for irritating her further. He tells her that he had come on Dida’s word. She threatens to get the crowd to beat him for teasing her. She asks him to just get away. Ranbir calls her mad and drives away. Sunil thinks Sanju will really pay him money. He gets a shock when Sanju’s hired goons arrive and threaten to kill him. The goons scare Sunil. Sunil didn’t imagine that Sanju will do this. Sunil runs away. Sanju wants to know if his matter is solved.

He wants to call Mane and know if Sunil is killed. He calls Mane to ask for his task. Mane asks him to keep calm and let him focus, instead wasting time. He sounds confident. Prachi is also at the same place. She gets to see Sunil. She identifies him as the waiter who was part of her defamation plan. She finds goons chasing Sunil. She hides from them and watches Sunil in danger. Sunil begs for his life. Mane asks him to run as far as he can in the time given to him. He wants to hunt for Sanju and kill him. Prachi gets huge shock on seeing the murder. Pragya gets scared for Prachi when the latter’s picture falls down.

She worriedly calls Prachi and puts her in danger unknowingly. Prachi’s phone rings. She gets spotted by the goons. Mane and Guddu try to stop Prachi. Mane calls Sanju to tell him about the girl’s involvement. Sanju misses the call. Mane decides to tackle Prachi his way. Prachi doesn’t get scared. She goes to face the goons. She runs to find Ranbir who would be somewhere nearby. Prachi tries to save her life. She tells Shahana that she is worried for Prachi.

Shahana tells that Prachi would be on the way. Pragya is worried for her other daughter as well. She gets tensed by the bad omen. Prachi reaches the icecream corner to find Ranbir. She finds his car, but not him. Ranbir also sees the goons. He doesn’t realize that they are after Prachi’s life. Mane and Guddu kidnap Prachi and take her to their hideout. Ranbir finds Prachi’s watch near his car. He thinks Prachi has damaged his car. He calls Prachi and finds her phone around. He doesn’t think that she was running away from the goons.

He goes to meet Pragya to complain about Prachi. He tells her that Prachi had spoilt his car. Pragya defends her daughter. She tells him that she is already tensed about Prachi. Ranbir shows Prachi’s phone. Pragya gets nervous. He tells her that he went to give lift to Prachi, but Prachi refused to accept his help. He asks Pragya about her. Pragya reveals that Prachi didn’t return home. Ranbir worries. He tries to connect the dots. Pragya feels Prachi is in some danger.

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