Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Trouble triggers Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Trouble triggers Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Trouble triggers Prachi Mane and Guddu kidnap Prachi. She falls unconscious. Mane wants to kill her and charge Sanju for the task. He calls Sanju to inform him that he killed Sunil. He tells Sanju that a girl has witnessed the murder and now he needs to kill her too. He asks Sanju to pay money for settling the matter. He threatens Sanju of inviting problems. Sanju asks him to kill the girl and get money for the second task also. Mane charges him a lot. Sanju agrees to him. Mane asks Guddu to get the knife to kill Prachi. Sanju isn’t aware that the girl is Prachi. Rhea informs Aaliya that Sanju has come back. She wants to use him to get Prachi out of their lives.

She tells Aaliya that Sunil is blackmailing him. Aaliya wants Rhea to let Sanju handle the matter. She thinks Sanju will pay money to Sunil and compel Prachi for marriage. She tells Rhea that Sunil is also a goon. Abhi misses to overhear their conversation. He gets angry on Aaliya for always teaching wrong things to Rhea. Guddu asks Mane not to kill Prachi when she is unconscious. He asks him to wake her up and not be a coward to kill her during sleepy state. He tells that she isn’t capable to fight them any now. Mane agrees with him. He delays the killing plan. He wants her to get conscious.

Moreover, Mane sends her picture to Sanju to prove that he isn’t fooling her. Sanju misses to see the picture. Abhi reprimands Aaliya for fighting with Purab and not thinking about Aryan. She asks Rhea to just believe her heart and not do anything wrong. Rhea doesn’t want to talk to Abhi. He isn’t sorry to upset her. He tells her that Aaliya had committed the accident intentionally to harm Disha. He asks Aaliya to differentiate between right and wrong. He didn’t wish her to put Disha in danger.

Elsewhere, Pragya is worried for Prachi. She tells Ranbir that Prachi is in danger. Pragya asks Shahana to take care of Sarita. She takes Ranbir with her to search for Prachi. Abhi waits for Aaliya to discuss about Disha. He asks her not to show the world to Rhea by her wrong perception. He wants Aaliya to accept her mistake. He tells her that its their mistake to teach the right to Rhea. He blames Aaliya for misleading Rhea. Aaliya denies the blame. He asks her not to clarify on her mistake. He doesn’t want her to spoil Rhea. She tries hard to lie to him. He asks her not to try hard and fool him. He pities Purab for bearing the pain.

Aaliya asks Abhi if he can’t see her sorrow. He doesn’t want to favor blood ties. He wants Aaliya to rectify her mistakes. He thinks Aaliya made Rhea dislike Prachi. He wants Aaliya to bring the girls together. Mane wakes up Prachi to kill her. She finds herself in danger. She asks them to let her go. Mane tells her that he is helpless to do this to earn a living. She swears to hide the matter. He doesn’t trust her. She tells her sad story that she is her mum’s only support. She tells that she wants to unite her mum and dad. She cries to beg for her life.

Guddu and Mane get emotional hearing her emotional story. They ask her not to cry. Mane calls Sanju to take a final decision. Sanju tells him that he is going to arrange money. He asks if he killed the girl. Mane tells that he is melting his heart seeing the innocent girl. Sanju asks him not to shock him. He doesn’t want to fall in trouble. Mane asks him if he has seen the girl’s picture.

Sanju asks him to kill her, and not worry for her family. Mane tells him that he will kill him if he doesn’t get money. Sanju promises to get money. He checks the picture to know about the girl. He can’t believe that Mane has caught up Prachi. Sanju hurries to call Mane and stop him from killing Prachi.

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