YHM Ruhi unthinkable decision stuns Ishita Raman

YHM Ruhi unthinkable decision stuns Ishita Raman

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YHM Ruhi unthinkable decision stuns Ishita Raman Raman and Ishita rush to meet Ruhi. The family meets Ruhi and finds her fine. They go to speak to the doctor to know the exact matter. Ishita gets concerned for Ruhi. She was feeling tensed about Ruhi since long. Ishita gets the shocking news of Ruhi’s problem that she cannot conceive ever. Raman and Ishita get much saddened and cry for Ruhi. They can’t believe this. Ishita tells him that her fate is striking Ruhi also. She blames herself. The doctor asks her not to blame herself and think of it scientifically.

She tells them that the problem had occurred due to a medical negligence during Ruhi’s appendix surgery in childhood. Raman tells Ishita that they will find some cure for Ruhi, it can’t happen. Ishita is worried that Karan may refuse to marry Ruhi knowing this truth. She doesn’t want Ruhi to face a heartbreak again. She wants Ruhi and Karan to marry. Raman is sure that they can deal with the problem. He asks Ishita not to lose hopes. He tells her that if they could get Pihu in their lives, everything is possible. He asks Ishita to hide the matter from everyone until they find a proper cure from the doctor.

Ishita feels more guilty to keep the family in darkness. She tells Raman that Karan and Ruhi have a right to know this before they get married. Raman doesn’t think so. He wants Ruhi’s happiness. He makes Ishita promise that she won’t hurry up before the conclusion. Ishita tells him that it will be hard to hide it. Aaliya and Yug tease Ruhi and Karan about their marriage. Karan feels bad that he couldn’t help Ruhi when she needed him. Yug asks him not to feel bad and sign the agreement stating Ruhi’s security. Yug wants Karan to keep Ruhi happy. Karan happily signs the papers and values Yug’s love for Ruhi.

Ruhi tries a lahenga after Aaliya pacifies her. Ruhi doubts that something is wrong with her. Aaliya tells about the pre-marriage stress that mostly affects young girls. She asks Ruhi to not think of anything and focus on the marriage. Ruhi wants to look the best. She starts dieting to look slim. Raman and Ishita get to see the agreement signed by Karan. They wish everything gets fine. Karan gets informed that Sudha has arrived. Karan and Ruhi rush to meet her. Raman and Ishita meet the doctor to find some cure. The doctor asks them not to tell anyone. She gives hopes that Ruhi’s illness can get cured.

Sudha meets them at the clinic and shocks them by her prank. She tells them that she will give much love to Ruhi, like Bhallas love Karan. Raman and Ishita hope that Sudha and Karan always love Ruhi the same way even after knowing the truth. Sudha accompanies them to their home to help Ruhi choose her bridal jewellery. Aaliya likes some jewellery. She doesn’t buy it since its much costly. Yug knows her choice. He thinks to buy it and surprise Aaliya. Sudha asks Ruhi to try some gaudy necklace. Ruhi doesn’t like it. She doesn’t complain. Karan understands her silence. He supports her and asks Sudha to choose something simple for Ruhi. Sudha tests his love.

She is glad that he can understand Ruhi’s unspoken thoughts and feelings as well. She tells him that he has passed in her test. She tells that she also wants Ruhi to follow her heart. Ruhi gets her medical reports and happens to read it. She gets a huge shock knowing she can never conceive. The bitter truth shatters her. This comes as a shock for Bhallas also. They all support Ruhi. Ruhi takes a big decision to call off her marriage with Karan. She thinks of Karan’s dreams of a child. She decides to tell him the truth. What will be Karan’s decision after knowing this truth? Keep reading.

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