Sanjivani Upcoming Asha regretful revelation expected

Sanjivani Upcoming Asha regretful revelation expected

Sanjivani Upcoming Asha regretful revelation expected Asha gets on verge on realization that she is doing wrong with Sid. She is helpless to continue the wrong because of Vardaan. She can’t let her own career get ruined. Asha thinks of Sid who had done a lot for him and is too selfless. Vardaan tells Sid that he will manage the patient’s problem. He assures to make the bill amount rectified. Shashank tells Sid that this was a petty problem, but he shouldn’t be careless. He asks Sid to be careful about his work and patients. Vardaan is trying to make his image better so that Sid doesn’t doubt him. He makes a plan to ruin Sid’s career to take revenge on Shashank. Asha asks him not to strike Sid again.

He tells her that he will win Sid’s trust completely to give him a shock, he will not hurry with more moves. Asha asks him to forgive Sid, who is still caring for her, knowing she isn’t deserving. He asks her not to fall in love with Sid like his real wife. She reminds him that his actions are really terrible. He threatens to ruin her career and life by informing her dad about her pregnancy. She gets bounded. She doesn’t want her family to know her truth. Later, Sid and Ishani find Asha’s new game. They confront Asha for the evil.

Sid reminds his favors on Asha. He wants an answer. Ishani asks Asha to answer them, at least for the sake of her baby. Asha stays speechless. Ishani thinks what is Asha hiding. She wants to know the reason for Asha’s actions. Sid plans an outing with Ishani. He becomes a cab driver to take her. Ishani realizes its him. Vardaan makes sure that Asha doesn’t go against her. He asks her to keep Sid and Ishani separated. Ishani wants Sid to not try silly things. He tells her that Asha is selfish and evil minded. He realizes that Asha doesn’t deserve him, but he deserves Ishani’s true love. He tells her that he planned a day out with her, he wants to spend time with her.

Ishani threatens him to make him stop the car. She tells him that she doesn’t want defamed love, she wants complete rights on him as his wife so that she can be proud about their relation. She asks him to end his marriage with Asha if she wants to unite with her. She tells him that she will not be ready to have an affair with him, though she loves him, she knows her limits. Sid professes love to Ishani again and again. He wants to live with her. He doesn’t want to go home to his wife Asha. Asha learns a lesson from Guddu’s innocent talk.

Guddu tells that one who cheats doesn’t win always. She realizes she did bad with Sid and Ishani. She thinks she can’t help them because Vardaan is the threat on her career. Sid romantically surprises Ishani. He shows the Sidisha locket, that signs that they are together. He wants Ishani to accept his love. Asha feels she is the unwanted person in their lives. She fails to keep Ishani away from Sid. Will Asha break her silence and reveal Vardaan’s plans? Keep reading.

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  1. Sanjivini’s storyline is the worst that I came across till today. Being a medical professional myself and having worked across the world I haven’t witnessed so much of politics in the medical profession anywhere in the world. Yes… I do agree that it’s commercialised especially in India but plotting to defame someone is not at all appreciated. It’s a noble profession and let it remain so. Don’t teach this kind of nonsense just for the sake of running the show. The channel’s reputation is at risk. So, change for the good. Please keep this villainy for other soaps but not in such a story. If you can’t glorify the medical profession, at least don’t defame it. Don’t degrade a noble profession at least for the sake of people like us who serve without self interest but to bring glory to it.


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