Kundali Bhagya Tonight Karan edgy realization for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Tonight Karan edgy realization for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Tonight Karan edgy realization for Preeta Shrishti wants Mahira not to tell anyone about her. She answers Mahira’s phone. Mahira cleans the make up. She tells her that she will complain about her. She threatens Shrishti. Shrishti is sure that Mahira can’t get rid of the makeup so soon. She relaxes. Ramona comes to meet Mahira. She tells Mahira about the shocking news, that Preeta’s marriage didn’t happen. Mahira is worried. Ramona fears that Preeta may come here. Shrishti also wishes the same. Mahira tells Ramona that Karan doesn’t love Preeta. Shrishti knows its a lie, both Karan and Preeta love each other.

She wanted Preeta to support her in breaking the engagement. Shrishti wishes that Karan’s engagement halts by Preeta’s coming. She doesn’t know that Preeta has really come home in disguise. Preeta looks for Shrishti. She thinks Shrishti would be trying to stop the engagement. She doesn’t want her silly sister to invite troubles. Preeta serves the guests. She happens to come across Karan. Karan suspects her a bit. Prithvi regrets that he missed the chance to marry Preeta because of his own plans. He wishes that Sarla was fine and got him married to Preeta.

He waits for Preeta. He wants to steal some moments with her. He takes Sarla’s permission to meet Preeta. He impresses Sarla with his sugary talk. Janki tells him that he will take care of Sarla and Preeta, since she is related to them since years. He calls Sarla lucky to get a loving family. Preeta covers up her mistake of spoiling Karan’s clothes. She tells her name when he asks. He asks if she said Preeta. She changes her name to Pritam to trick him. She asks if he is hearing Preeta name. He lets the matter go. Prithvi looks for Preeta. He doesn’t find her at home. He wonders where did she go. When he doesn’t get her, he madly romances her dupatta.

Janki sends him away. Shrishti is glad that Mahira is still stuck cleaning the make up. Mahira gets rid of the makeup. She tells Shrishti that she will come out and see her. Shrishti wants to lock her up. She thinks Mahira shouldn’t meet Karan. She plans of kidnapping Mahira. She wants Sameer’s help. She makes a cunning plan to mislead the family about Mahira. She plays loud music. Mahira finds herself locked. She shouts for help. Shrishti goes to Sameer. Karan boasts of his success. Preeta knows he always assumes everyone to be his fans. Rakhi questions Karan if he is happy. Karan lies that he is happy. He questions himself as well. Will Karan realize that his happiness lies in Preeta? Keep reading.

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