Star Plus Latest Promo Jinn kills Roshni Aman stunned

Star Plus Latest Promo Jinn kills Roshni Aman stunned

Star Plus Latest Promo Jinn kills Roshni Aman stunned Aman controls his beast avatar when he comes across Roshni’s picture. Roshni falls helpless when the Jinn catches the boy. She uses his power to save the boy. She fails to strike him and instead loses her weapons. Jinn tells her that being an Ayana, she won’t be able to do anything to save Aman on the red moon night approaching. Roshni wonders who was the old lady who knew about Ayana and the red moon night. She is glad that the boy is saved. She thinks to take the boy home for his safety. She doesn’t know that the boy lives at Jinn’s house as his son. She rushes to Jinn’s house.

Jinn gets her hair clips, which she uses her as special powers of Ayana. He tries to keep the weapons safe. On the other hand, Aman recalls Sameer who is responsible for ruining his life. He angrily bashes up Sameer. He calms when he finds a kid crying on seeing the bad fight. He doesn’t want to beat Sameer violently in front of his child. He makes a leave. Roshni meets the Jinn, who controls her magical clips. Jinn pretends to worry for his son. The family is worried for Aman. Rubina aka Tabeezi arrives there to tell them about the huge danger on them. She tells that they could die because of the Jinn.

Parveen reveals that Rubina is Junaid’s second wife, who snatched him from the family. She blames her for ruining her family. Tabeezi pleads to them to listen to her once. Parveen vents anger on Tabeezi, her Sautan. She doesn’t believe Rubina. Dadi reveals the shocking truth that Rubina is Tabeezi. She tells that Tabeezi is the one who always helped them and saved Aman’s life. Parveen can’t believe this, since she regards Rubina a bad woman. She doesn’t want to talk Tabeezi. Aman returns home. Aman learns the truth that Tabeezi is their home breaker, Junaid’s second wife. He wants to throw out Tabeezi from his house.

Dadi tries hard to defend Tabeezi. Aman tells them that he is ready to die but not take help from Tabeezi. Parveen and Aman deny to believe Tabeezi knowing the past. Aman also doubts on Tabeezi’s intentions. Tabeezi asks him to believe her for the last time. Aman agrees to give her a chance. She makes him witness the shocking moment of his family’s death. He turns scared. Tabeezi asks him to save his family. He is sure to save his family some way. The red moon night approaches close. Jinn gains his powers of fire. He throws his wrath around. He prepares to strike Aman. Roshni rushes to protect Aman.

She gets hurt by the arrows shot at Aman. Roshni sacrifices her love for Aman. Aman realizes his love for Roshni in the moment when he loses out forever. Roshni dies and leaves a feeling of love in his heart. Aman gets saved from Jinn’s wrath when he falls in the truest emotions of love. Aman wants to save Roshni, his angelic wife. Aman feels like losing his life when he sees Roshni closing her eyes, falling in his lap. The Nargis tree buds bloom with Aman’s realization of love. Will Aman really lose Roshni or fight back to save her some how? Keep reading.

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