Kundali Bhagyya Karan unexpected love confession

Kundali Bhagyya Karan unexpected love confession

Kundali Bhagyya Karan unexpected love confession Shrishti tricks Kareena and Rakhi. Rakhi goes to attend the guests. Shrishti gets relieved that they left. She doesn’t get any idea about hiding Mahira. She wants Sameer to get conscious and help her. She gets an idea of taking Mahira on skates. On the other hand, Preeta struggles to trick Karan. Karan asks her to impress girls by making a good physique. He recalls her Preeta every time he looks into her eyes. He shares his memories of Preeta. Shrishti takes Mahira with her. She hides her from Ramona. Ramona finds them. Shrishti tells her that she is taking Mahira to meet her boss. She doesn’t let Ramona see Mahira’s face. Ramona finds her weird. She is worried that Karan is denying his marriage with Preeta.

She doesn’t want Mahira to get hurt. Preeta gets emotional when she finds Karan’s engagement ring. Shrishti hides Mahira in Sameer’s room. She wants to make sure that Mahira doesn’t run away even when she gets conscious. Preeta corrects her fake moustache before Karan catches her red-handed with the ring. Karan shows her the engagement ring. Preeta wants to adorn the ring in her finger, since her heart beats for Karan. Shrishti ties up Mahira to the chair. She verifies if Mahira is really unconscious or acting. She finds Mahira getting conscious. Shrishti gets weirdly funny. She wants to vent out her anger.

She wants Mahira to get conscious and face her. She realizes she forgot Sameer. Preeta wears the ring. It gets stuck in her finger. Karan jokes to ask why did she wear it. Preeta stays in Pritam’s character. Karan teases her about the Dostana thought. Karan tells her that he will get the ring out. Preeta apologizes to him. She gets upset when he denies to take her name. He then tells her about his friend Preeta and such a similar moment.


Shrishti takes Sameer with him. She doesn’t want anyone to doubt on her plan. She fakes to romance Sameer in front of Ramona. Ramona finds Sameer disgusting. Rakhi gets angry on Girish, who praises Preeta’s way of event management. She warns him against naming Preeta again. Karan reveals his real emotions for Preeta. Preeta cries on hearing his feelings. He tells her that he loves Preeta and wants her around all the time. His yearning touches her heart. She consoles him, without revealing her identity. Will Preeta stop his engagement with Mahira? Keep reading.

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  1. Please get Karan and Preeta together as soon as possible.. dying to see them together once and for all.
    Prithvi and Sherlyn have to be caught ..it’s high time now

  2. I feel Karan and Preeta have great cemetery in Kundali Bhagya they are also my favorite Jodi ,I also agree I feel its about time this two lover’s get back together !!, Karan must forget about his hatred and revenge for Preeta and he must realize what is in his heart.???


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