Kahaan Hum Starplus Rani decision leaves Rohit terrified

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Kahaan Hum Starplus Rani decision leaves Rohit terrified Rohit is worried that Sonakshi will learn about Pooja’s mother Rani. He gets hindered by Rani’s calls. He warns her against messing up his life. He asks her not to call again. Sonakshi finds him raging. She gets puzzled. She asks the matter. He lies about the emergency at the hospital. She acts sensible and respects his professional needs. She asks him to go to his needy patient. She waits for his comeback. He meets Rani and warns her against entering Pooja and Sonakshi’s lives. He doesn’t want her to ruin Sippy family by her inauspicious step. Rani gets scared of him when he clearly threatens to kill her.

He tells her that he would not like it, but not deter to kill her if she harms his family. He goes back to the hotel and finds Sonakshi sleeping. He doesn’t disturb her. After some time, Sonakshi wakes up and realizes his comeback. He tells her that he feels he doesn’t deserve a gem like her. He feels guilty to lie to her. He didn’t know that this matter will come out this way soon after his marriage and instill new fears in his mind. He asks her if she will leave from his life after knowing something unexpected. He doesn’t want her to leave under any circumstances.

Sonakshi promises to always stand by him and never think of leaving him. She wants to know the reason for his insecurity. He doesn’t reveal his dilemma. He battles with his feelings. She tells him that she won’t leave him ever. He stays disturbed. He lies about the old patient, who is troubling him after a long time. He tells that the case got complicated. She asks him to leave things on fate. They discuss about Netra’s request. He tells her that Netra took his opinion and he already allowed her to shoot the romantic scene. He asks Sonakshi not to feel uncomfortable.

She is worried that Sippys won’t be liking her onscreen romance with Sumit. Rohit guarantees to handle his family. He tells her that he will be more than happy to hear her praises. She feels much lucky to get his support. Netra prepares for the rain sequence. Rohit wishes Sonakshi all the best for the shoot. On the contrary, Naren disapproves Sonakshi’s romantic chemistry with her co-actor Sumit. Veena sings praises of Sonakshi’s acting skills and chemistry with Sumit. Naren asks her to be practical and see Sonakshi just as their Bahu. He doesn’t want anyone to taunt him for his Bahu’s onscreen odd romance.

Veena tells him that they have accepted Sonakshi knowing her profession and now they can’t pressurize her to change her professional decisions. She respects Sonakshi’s profession and appreciates her hardwork. Naren clears his decision that Sonakshi should refuse to reel romance in her show. He justifies that his family women are working but only in decent fields. Meanwhile, Rohan calls Pari for a talk. He gets mad for her. He can’t tolerate her ignorance. He wants her at any cost. He gets drunk. Tanya gets to his help. He imagines Pari and confesses his love for her. This gets shocking for Tanya. She fails to find his girlfriend’s name.

Moreover, Tanya confronts Rohan when he wakes up in the morning. She asks him about his lover. Rohan apologizes to her and is much terrified. She has learnt that he doesn’t want to stay with her. She lies to him that he had confessed love to her. She promises to make his life hell by exposing his affair. She doesn’t want him to fool her further. Sonakshi meets Netra and Sumit. She learns that Netra has arranged a body double for the romantic scene. She tells them that Rohit is very supportive. Sumit tells her that Raima went back to her city. Sonakshi didn’t know it before. She goes to meet Rani, who is playing her duplicate.

She misses to find Pooja’s pictures. Rani learns that Sonakshi is the lead actress of the show. She wants to be away from Sonakshi. She is scared of Rohit’s warning. She refuses to work. She rushes out quickly. Sonakshi meets her to convince. She asks her not to be unprofessional after signing the contract, else she will regret to lose work. She learns that Rani is working hard for the sake of her daughter. Sonakshi bonds with Rani. She takes her home. Rani gets emotional on seeing her daughter Pooja. Consequently, Rani takes a decision to work under Sonakshi to stay in touch with Pooja. Rohit finds her around Pooja and loses his cool. He throws her out of the house with a more angered warning.

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  1. What is it Rohit is feeling insecure about
    We all know he is reluctant on one thing
    Sona should not know the truth ..
    Is it something to do with rani n Naren
    Pooja s biological parents ?

    Well of course this will be shocking for everyone in the family thou ..



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