Kasautii Starplus Upcoming Twists Real battle begins

Kasautii Starplus Upcoming Twists Real battle begins

Kasautii Starplus Upcoming Twists Real battle begins Komolika wants Prerna to leave from her house so that Ronit can target her. She tricks Anurag into believing her. She asks him to call Prerna home so that Prerna doesn’t feel ignored post the party drama. She tells him that if he keeps Prerna away from work, she may take it otherwise. She convinces him to call Prerna and take help to find his file. She has already hidden the file to work out her plan. Anurag gets convinced by her. He calls up Prerna to get his important file. Prerna gives her word that she will be there in some time. He doesn’t want her to travel by bus. He tells her that she should leave from her home after some time.

She doesn’t know that he is coming to pick her. He thinks to surprise her. Komolika doesn’t know that he is planning to pick Prerna. She informs Ronit that Prerna is coming to face her death. She asks him not to miss the chance and kill Prerna. She also wants to rush and see Prerna dying. She wants to be sure that her enemy is dead. Prerna finds Veena worried for her. Veena wants to make sure that her children are fine. She is more concerned for Prerna. Prerna goes to meet Anurag. Anurag calls her to inform that he is coming to pick her. She waits for him.

She finds a little boy playing on the road. She goes to help the boy. Ronit asks his aide, the truck driver to hit Prerna and not miss the chance. The driver pities seeing she is pregnant. Ronit bribes him further. He convinces the driver. Ronit asks him to just kill Prerna. The boy becomes Prerna’s savior. Prerna thanks the boy for saving her. She thinks the truck driver was being careless. Anurag comes there to pick her. She goes to cross the road. Anurag and Prerna try to end their distance. Prerna meets with an accident. She sees the same truck and realizes that the accident is Komolika’s deliberate move.

Anurag gets a huge shock. Driver breaks down in guilt for hitting a pregnant lady. Ronit asks him to just drive and not make him fall in problems. Anurag rushes to Prerna. She tells him that someone plotted the accident to harm her baby. Anurag cares for her. She gets timely help from a doctor around. Anurag follows Ronit desperately. Komolika wants Ronit to just flee before Anurag catches him. She doesn’t want Ronit to attack Anurag. Anurag tries to find the culprit. Ronit succeeds to trick him. Anurag rushes Prerna to the hospital.

He succeeds to secure Prerna and her child. Komolika gets mistaken that Prerna is dead. She celebrates her happiness with Mohini. She learns from Ronit that Prerna has survived, and even her baby is fine. She loses her cool that she failed again. She makes a new plan to kill Prerna and her baby in the ICU. Anurag meets Prerna and relieves her stress about the baby. He tells her that the doctor has confirmed the baby’s well-being. Prerna is very thankful that her baby is safe. She realizes its Komolika’s conspiracy to harm her. She wants to expose Komolika’s truth, since such a big crime can’t be forgiven. Komolika and Prerna’s real battle will begin.

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