Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Tonight Sikandar makes it possible

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Tonight Sikandar makes it possible

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Tonight Sikandar makes it possible Sikandar wants to break off Vijaylaxmi’s sorrow from the past zone. Kulfi finds the solutions to the old musicians’ problems. She wants them to assist Sikandar and Vijaylaxmi well. Sikandar sings well and wants Vijaylaxmi to sing along. Vijaylaxmi forgets everything in a moment. She finds strangers in the house. She shouts on them to leave. Sikandar tells Kulfi that they will meet Vijaylaxmi the next day. Lovely assists Sikandar in his big task. She tells him that he is putting much efforts and she also wants to help him in launching the new album. She tells that the music company is important for their daughters’ launch.

She finishes all the preparations to work out his plan. She tells him that everything will get fine. She doesn’t love Kulfi. She tricks him by her fake emotions. She just loves Amyra. Kulfi is worried that she will lose Sikandar. Kulfi wants to take Sikandar to Chandnaur. She counts the days. Sikandar wants to rectify his mistake and make Vijaylaxmi’s life better before he dies. Sikandar, Kulfi and his friends reach Vijaylaxmi again.

She thinks they have come for pest control. She asks them to start their work. They are made to do all the work in their house every day. This tests her patients. Three days pass the same way. Sikandar tells them that they will soon compose the song.

Kulfi is worried that Sikandar’s time is getting wasted. They ask Vijaylaxmi to remember them and why they have come. They want to make the song. Kulfi tells them that Vijaylaxmi gets neutral when she goes to her room. Vijaylaxmi really turns normal and identifies them. She tells them that they will make the song today. Kulfi asks them to hurry up. Lovely looks for some influential contacts to build Sikandar’s successful company. She spreads the news of Sikandar’s record label. She seeks help from the contacts. Sikandar sings with Vijaylaxmi.

Vijaylaxmi forgets them again. She wants to know why are they at her home. Kulfi begins to run. The wind chime sound pleases Vijayalaxmi and also triggers her memory. She gets calmed. Kulfi adds the perfect music by the wind chimes. Vijaylaxmi applauds them for the amazing music. Sikandar tells her that the album will be a big hit. Kulfi tells him that they can leave for Chandnaur now. He tells that they will go later, they can’t leave until Vijaylaxmi’s album gets launched. He wants to make Vijaylaxmi successful. He is glad to see her happy. Kulfi worries for his life. She tells him that they can visit Chandnaur and sort Vijaylaxmi’s problem later on their return.

He tells that he will keep his promise. He asks her to give him some time. He tells that he will sign Vijaylaxmi from his company’s side. He wants someone to become the producer. He calls Lovely there as the producer. He creates the same moment for Vijaylaxmi for which she has been waiting for. Sikandar and Lovely want to sign their first artist, Vijaylaxmi. Sikandar takes Vijaylaxmi’s blessings. Vijaylaxmi gets back to senses. She yells at Sikandar. She tells him that he didn’t sign her deal and cheated her. She vents her anger on him.

Lovely and Kulfi witness Vijaylaxmi’s wrath on Sikandar. Sikandar apologizes to her. Vijaylaxmi throws an album down in anger. Kulfi identifies the woman in the picture. She finds a way to pacify Vijaylaxmi by her singing. Vijaylaxmi gets impressed with her. She wants Kulfi to sing her songs. This doesn’t go well with Lovely, who wants all the name, fame and success for Amyra. What will Lovely do now? Keep reading.

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