Kundali Bhagya Zee Preeta suspected Karan’s engagement

Kundali Bhagya Zee Preeta suspected Karan's engagement

Kundali Bhagya Zee Preeta suspected in Karan’s engagement Ramona informs Kareena about Sameer’s romance with some girl. Kareena tells her that Sameer isn’t such a guy for fall for anyone, he just likes Shrishti. She asks Ramona about the girl she had seen. Ramona’s description makes her realize that Shrishti is with Sameer in Luthra mansion. Kareena wants to find Shrishti and make her out from the engagement ceremony. She doesn’t want Preeta and Shrishti to create any nuisance. Karan tells Preeta about his feelings for her. He tells that he dislikes Preeta for her misdeeds, he wants to hurt Preeta by getting engaged to Mahira. He tells that he is sharing his feelings with a stranger, since everyone judges him. He tells her that Rishabh knows him really well and is good at heart.

He misses Preeta who used to understand him before. He blames her for breaking his heart. She wants to tell him that she isn’t at any fault. She is able to hear his feelings. She can’t tell him what he had done with her. She sheds tears of sorrow. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is so emotional. He asks her to keep it a secret. Preeta hides from Kareena. She gets into a moment with Karan. Kareena enquires about Shrishti. She tells Karan that Shrishti is hiding in their house. Ramona tells that even Preeta would be around. Kareena tells him that both the sisters want to ruin their happiness.

She doesn’t know what do they want. She tells Karan that Preeta wants their property share and defame them in the society. Preeta doesn’t have any interest in it. Preeta learns their misunderstanding. She wants to tell them that she doesn’t want anything from their property. Kareena and Ramona don’t want Mahira’s heart to break. They make Preeta away. Kareena plans to insult Preeta and Shrishti on finding them. Preeta requests Karan not to scold Arora sisters. Karan asks Kareena about Preeta, instead Mahira. This upsets Ramona.

Kareena wants to check on Sameer. Shrishti gets Sameer to his room. She asks him to get conscious before anyone comes. Mahira gets conscious and finds herself captive. Shrishti asks her not to get engaged. Mahira asks her if she is Shrishti. Shrishti lies to her. Mahira asks Sameer to help her. Shrishti ties her up. She reveals her truth that she is Shrishti, who can do anything to protect Preeta. She reprimands Mahira for agreeing to marry Karan. She tells that Karan is already wedded to Preeta. She doesn’t want to hurt Mahira. She tells them that everyone will try to find her and assume that she has backed out from the engagement.

She tells that she will herself admit that she won’t marry a married man. She tells that even if she tells about the kidnapping, nothing will happen in her favor. She wants everyone to know about Karan’s marriage. She reveals her plan to Mahira. She wants to write a letter from Mahira’s side. Mahira struggles to stop her. Karan asks about Preeta again and again. Kareena tells him that she has seen Shrishti, not Preeta. She is sure that both sisters will support each other. Shrishti writes a letter from Mahira’s side. Kareena tells Ramona that once she finds Arora sisters, she will teach them a lesson.

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