Yeh Rishta Secret deal Promo Vedika returns to Kartik

YRKKH Kartik Vedika Deal Weird twists Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Secret deal Promo Vedika returns to Kartik Kartik wants to see his Naira like he always dreamt. He has lost many years of companionship, but wants to compensate well. He tells her that he wants to live his dreams again. She is ready to fulfill his wish. The couple gets ready for their engagement. Kartik gets struck by her stunning beauty. He can’t help than to compliment her. The family wishes them all the best for their new start. They pray that nothing goes wrong now.

Kartik and Naira wish that Kairav’s cartoon rings don’t become a topic of laugh. They fear that the family may end up hurting Kartik’s emotions. Kairav gets the rings for them. Surprisingly, they find the best rings and applaud Kairav. Kairav tells them that the cartoon ring was for his kind classmate. Dadi wanted to postpone the marriage. He feels its bad that Kartik is marrying Naira on the way when his divorce will get granted.

She tells Suwarna that Vedika has sacrificed her love but she may also change her mind. She doesn’t want Vedika to spoil Kartik’s happiness. Kartik and Naira have sweet moment. Akhilesh takes their permission to steal the show for a while. He proposes Surekha with much love. He wants Surekha to forgive him for his cheat.

Surekha knows that he has tolerated a lot already. She forgives him. They reconcile. The family gets happy for them. Kartik and Naira sing their way while teasing each other. They play around and get engaged with their family’s blessing. Dadi doesn’t want any new trouble. Akshat gets his bail. He wants to take revenge on Vedika, Kartik and Naira. His ego is much hurt. Kartik plots to take Naira with him. He finds chances to romance. She doesn’t want Kartik to hide anything from her. He assures that he isn’t hiding and it was his way to romance her. They romance on their another engagement.

She tells him that she feels the same love for him. She falls nervous. She tells him that she will always love him. He finds her very charming. He feels really good. She tells that their love seems to begin from the start. They celebrate their engagement in their romantic way. Akshat reaches Vedika with a motive. Pallavi informs Kartik about Akshat’s threat on Vedika. She tells him that Akshat had already threatened to ruin Vedika’s life. She asks Kartik to save Vedika’s life. Kartik can’t believe this. He informs Naira about Akshat’s bail.

She tells him that they should bring Vedika home to save her from Akshat. They rush to save Vedika from Akshat. It will be known that Vedika has bailed out Akshat with a plan to put herself in fake danger and win Kartik’s attention. Kartik and Vedika’s secret deal will be getting revealed. Kartik agrees to Vedika’s terms. Vedika compels him by her conditions for divorce. Will Dadi’s fear about Vedika’s return turn true? Will they bring Vedika home and complicate their lives? Keep reading.

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