Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Romi Shagun enter in tensed times

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Romi Shagun enter in tensed times

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Romi Shagun enter in tensed times Ruhi is devastated after knowing the truth that she can never conceive. She reveals the truth to the family members as well. They didn’t know it either. They wonder why did Ruhi’s fate get so mean on her that she is facing such a sorrow. Raman knows that this problem can break Ruhi’s marriage if the matter comes out in a wrong way. He wants to speak to the doctor and find some solution before sharing the truth with Karan and his mum Sudha. Ishita consoles Ruhi. She doesn’t want Ruhi to find flaws or blame herself for the problem. She has also gone through the same phase.

She can connect with Ruhi’s pain. She tells that they will definitely find some way out, since medical science was evolved. Ruhi feels she is wrong that bad has happened with her. Aaliya and Ishita be with her to boost her self confidence. They don’t want Ruhi to make any mistake. Mihika and Simmi ask Raman to tell the truth to Karan. Ruhi also feels that Karan deserves to know the truth. Raman fears that Sudha may take the truth wrong and break the alliance. He doesn’t want Ruhi to face another sorrow in the form of broken marriage alliance. He wants to wait for the right time to handle the sensitive matter.


He warns Ruhi and family against sharing the matter with anyone. Ruhi gets depressed. Sudha and Karan go to meet the designer and pick the lahenga for surprising Ruhi. They learn that the designer has sold the lahenga to her old customer for a double price. The designer apologizes to Sudha. Sudha gets much upset. She goes to meet Bhallas. Ishita and Raman try to normalize Ruhi. Ishita asks Ruhi to have faith in Raman, who is sure to find the solution. She tells that if the science fails to help, then she can adopt a child, since many children are in need of parents. Sudha and Karan are happy to meet Ruhi. Ruhi seems upset.

Karan asks her the matter. She tells her problem and lies that her friend is suffering. She asks him if he would adopt a child if they didn’t get children. Karan doesn’t reply anything since the case is not of them. He tells that marriage doesn’t depend on children, and everything depends on the couple’s strong bond. Romi makes a surprising entry after many years. The family is happy to have him back. He tells that he has come for Ruhi’s marriage and also got a designer lahenga for Ruhi’s marriage. Ruhi is all thankful to him.

Sudha tells him that she had booked the same lahenga, which he got by paying double. Ruhi dreams of telling the truth to Karan and losing their relationship. She fears to lose him. Shagun and Mani make an entry. Sudha learns about Ruhi’s infertility. She creates a scene that Raman and Ishita had hidden the truth from her. She reprimands them by misunderstanding their intentions. Will Karan marry Ruhi and prove his unconditional love? Keep reading.

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