Kahaan Hum Unthinkable caller stuns Rohit New twists

Kahaan Hum Unthinkable caller stuns Rohit New twists

Kahaan Hum Unthinkable caller stuns Rohit New twists There will be romantic moments between Rohit and Sonakshi, with a new entry happening in the story. Yash tells Rohit that he wants to talk to him about the hospital marketing strategy. Sonakshi finds it weird that Yash wants to discuss about marketing at the odd hour when they are leaving. Rohit understands that its about Pooja. He rushes to meet Nishi. He asks Sonakshi to wait for him. Netra happens to meet Sonakshi with a request for putting up a romantic scene of Sumit and Sonakshi’s characters Kunal and Parvati in her show.

She wants to show some romance to get more TRPs when the competition is getting higher. Sonakshi gets in tension when Netra keeps such a request. Nishi asks Rohit to tell the truth to Sonakshi, who would be supporting them in the matter. She tells him that Pooja wants to know about her real parents. She wants Rohit to handle the matter, since he is the one who has put them in this situation. Rohit tells them that they will not tell anything to Pooja or Sonakshi. He doesn’t think that Pooja will be able to handle the truth that she is an illegitimate.

She tells Nishi that Sonakshi shouldn’t know the truth. He feels that his family will break down when the truth comes out. Nishi tells him that Sonakshi may find out the truth soon and it will be worse if he doesn’t take her into confidence before. She tells him that once the truth comes out, he will be the one who would be facing the family’s wrath. She scares him with the dire consequences. Sonakshi tells Netra that she is married now and won’t be comfortable to perform romantic scenes with Sumit. She tells that she is facing a tough time in Sippy family already and this romance track will not go well for her.


She takes the decision that she will not upset her in-laws. Netra wants to talk to Rohit and seek her permission. Sonakshi tells her that Rohit gave her all the liberty to take her decisions, he won’t object to her work. She herself decides to not do anything that shocks Sippys. Netra wants her to think again. Sonakshi realizes Rohit is hiding something. Rohit doesn’t tell her about Pooja. She wants to tell him about Netra. They both decide to focus on each other and not discuss the disturbing matters. They want to spend some romantic time together. They reach the hotel room. They find the decorations and gifts kept by Payal.

They get into a misunderstanding, when they find handcuffs in the gift box. Sonakshi thinks Rohit had planned this weird thing. She suspects his intentions and falls nervous. She doesn’t know what is his plan and how will she manage him. Rohit checks the gift and suspects her intentions. He falls nervous and finds her really wild. He wants to know what is she thinking and why did she plan this on their first night when he is already falling short of courage. He is ready to keep her wish. Sonakshi locks herself in the bathroom. He asks her to come to him if she is ready. They have a cute argument and blame each other for the weirdly romantic gift.

Their misunderstanding soon ends when they realize that its Payal’s mischief. Rohit tells her that Payal has kept the gift according to her thinking. Rohit gifts her a beautiful night dress. He gets mesmerized on seeing her. Rohit romances Sonakshi. Their moment soon breaks when he gets a shocking call from Rani, Pooja’s biological mother. Rani decides to meet Pooja and takes legal advice from a lawyer. She gets restless on seeing Pooja’s picture in the newspaper. Pooja also wants to meet her real parents. She tells Ajit that her parents would have seen her news and like to contact her. She wants to know her background.

Lawyer advises Rani not to dig up the past. Rani makes up her mind to meet Pooja. Suman realizes Rohan and Pari’s growing friendship. She stops them from working together. She reminds Rohan that he has to take care of his wife Tanya who is bearing his child. She puts sense in Pari’s mind. She wants Pari to focus on her career. Rohan finds Suman really irritating. He can’t forget Pari. He wants to connect to her again. Rohit turns raging when Rani calls him to know about Pooja.

He meets her to warn her against interfering in their lives. He goes to the extent of threatening to kill her. Rani reaches to meet Sonakshi. She wants to give hints to Sonakshi, so that Sonakshi makes her meet Pooja. Pooja’s birth truth will be coming out. The secret of Rohit’s involvement will also be surfacing. Keep reading.

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