Kumkum Bhagya Abhi close to Prachi’s knocking truth

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi close to Prachi's knocking truth

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi close to Prachi’s knocking truth Prachi realizes that Ranbir had come to save her life. Ranbir tries to run away from the goons. He gets badly caught. He learns that Mane’s boss is going to marry Prachi. He scolds Mane. The goons tie him up. Mane doesn’t know that Prachi has run away. Abhi comes home to find Prachi. He wants to meet Sarita. Shahana tells him that she had locked Sarita in the room on Pragya’s saying to keep Sarita safe. She tells about Prachi going missing. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi had a fight and then he got her phone somewhere after she fell in trouble. She takes much stress about her. Abhi asks her not to worry. They learn that Sarita has run away from the window.

Abhi thinks she has gone to the police station. Ranbir doesn’t find Prachi. He learns that she has run away. He tries to get free and spends time chit chatting with the goons. Prachi returns there to save Ranbir. Pragya and Sarita take help from the inspector. They check the CCTV footage. They try to find out where did Prachi go. The inspector tells her that he didn’t get the complete footage by now. Abhi and Shahana reach there. Abhi tries to get help from his known inspector. He misses to see Pragya there. He doesn’t know that Prachi is his own daughter. Pragya thinks to find out Prachi herself.

She leaves from the police station. Abhi learns that Prachi was running to save her life. Inspector tells him that they can’t find Prachi until they find the right direction. Abhi tells that they can’t wait for the information, its risky for Prachi’s life. He is sure that she is in some trouble. Rhea comes to meet Sanju to know about Prachi. She scares Sanju’s friend to get information about him. He denies to know anything. Rhea fools him. Mane asks Guddu not to name Sanju in front of anyone until the marriage happens. He slaps Guddu unknowingly. Guddu tells Mane that Sanju can’t marry Prachi, who has run away already.

Prachi goes to help Ranbir quickly. He tells her that he had come to save her. They both end up arguing. She tells him that she had come to save his life, knowing he can’t be heroic. He thinks its best time to escape. She asks him to apologize to her for his misbehavior. He gets compelled to apologize. She tells him that she wasn’t kidnapped, she was just captive. Ranbir thinks if her lover had kidnapped her. He teases her, telling about Mane’s boss wanting to marry her. Prachi quickly frees him and they escape. Mane and his goons get worried to answer Sanju. Mane learns that Ranbir has also run away. He wants to find Ranbir and Prachi.

Sanju gets ready as the groom. He calls up Mane and gets the shocking news that Prachi has run away. Mane tells Sanju that Ranbir had rescued Prachi. Sanju tells him that he won’t give him money if Prachi escapes. Prachi tells Ranbir that Mane had murdered the waiter Sunil. He can’t believe it. She asks him to drive faster, since the goons are following. Ranbir gets encouraged to drive faster and show his driving skills.

Mane realizes that Prachi and Ranbir had gone back to the godown. Ranbir and Prachi fight to get the credit for saving their lives. They come back to the godown by mistake. He get caught by the goons again. Pragya leaves her phone at the police station. Abhi will be soon finding the truth that Prachi is actually his own daughter. He will be learning Prachi and Pragya’s relation surprisingly.

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