Yeh Rishta Stunning Today Dadi predicts unimaginable

Yeh Rishta Upcoming news Starplus Dadi to condemn Kaira

Yeh Rishta Stunning Today Dadi predicts unimaginable Kartik romances Naira to fulfill his long time wish. Their moment soon breaks when Kairav questions them. Kartik smartly covers up the romance thing. He tells them that he was just rehearsing some funny game. Kairav gets convinced and wants to play along. Kartik and Naira go to the family. Kartik tells them that they will soon plan the marriage functions. Everyone is happy for Kartik and Naira’s happy smiles. Kairav punishes his parents by asking them to take him for an icecream treat. Samarth and Gayu also accompany them with Vansh. Kartik and Naira spend good moments.

Pallavi informs Kartik that Akshat got the bail and is now after Vedika’s life. She didn’t wish to disturb Kartik and Naira on their special day. She tells them that Akshat has threatened to damage Vedika’s face and ruin her life. Pallavi gives them new tension. They drive away to reach Vedika and protect her. They wish that Akshat doesn’t harm them. Vedika is much upset on the day of Kartik’s engagement. She misses him and thinks of her decision to leave Kartik. Kartik and Naira meet Vedika, while Akshat reaches there.


They apologize to Vedika for putting her into trouble by leaving her alone. Vedika asks them to go home, she isn’t scared of Akshat anymore. The families learn about Kartik and Naira’s visit to Vedika’s house. They also learn about Akshat’s threat on their lives. They get worried and take necessary measures to secure themselves. Kartik and Naira tell Vedika that they can’t leave her alone to become prey of Akshat’s madness. They tell their decision of taking her home. Vedika doesn’t know any awkwardness between them. They assure that they will be fine in her presence. They just want her to be safe in the house.

Kartik and Naira convince Vedika and bring her home. They disclose their decision that they got Vedika home for her safety. Naira tells them that Vedika will not pose any problem to them. Suwarna doesn’t want Dadi to over think. She asks Dadi to believe Kartik and Naira’s decision. Dadi discloses the shocking fact that Vedika and Kartik’s divorce didn’t happen yet. She doesn’t want Vedika to create troubles. Naira shows her understanding and goodness in bringing Vedika home. She wants Vedika not to let her thoughts mislead her. She tells Vedika that she has to face this day soon.

She gives her strength to make a new start. She tells that they can surely keep good terms. Vedika gets convinced. The family try to make Vedika’s stay better. Vedika appears happy for Kartik’s marriage with Naira. Dadi prays for securing Kartik’s happiness. She wants the marriage to happen well. Kartik and Naira romance, which gets sighted by Vedika. Vedika feels hurt. She is much depressed seeing Naira pampered by Kartik, Goenkas and Singhanias.

She thinks she has lost her place. Kairav complains that no one loves her as they love Naira. He wants the attention. Vedika also feels the same like Kairav. Kartik dreams of Naira. He wants Naira to soon become his wife. Kartik and Naira’s marriage starts getting hindrance. Dadi doubts Vedika’s intentions.

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