Kundali Bhagya Karan impulsive declaration insults Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Karan impulsive declaration insults Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Karan impulsive declaration insults Preeta Preeta and Shrishti get helpless to hide Mahira and Sameer. Dadi blames Rakhi for favoring Preeta and risking Mahira’s life. Rakhi doesn’t think Preeta can harm Mahira. She knows Preeta well. She is sure that Preeta will never try to break the engagement. Kareena wants to prove it to Preeta is evil. She reminds about Preeta’s legal notice. Rakhi feels Preeta has got influenced by someone. She doesn’t listen to anyone. Mahira manages to free herself. She tries to wake up Sameer. She hurries for her engagement. She feels sorry to leave him and rush.

Sameer gets conscious. He tries to find Shrishti. Preeta wants Shrishti to come with her and also bear Sarla’s wrath. Shrishti threatens to tell the truth. She wants to keep Sameer’s image clear. Preeta tells Shrishti that she doesn’t love Karan. Shrishti asks Preeta why did she not marry Prithvi then. Sameer stops them and learns about Preeta. Preeta asks him to help in handling her mad sister’s mistake. He tells them that Mahira has gone to the family to expose them. He begs them to just run away in time. The family looks for Mahira. Preeta and Shrishti get caught by Luthras. They fall in real problem.

Karan learns about Preeta and Shrishti when Kareena exposes them. Kareena asks Rakhi to look at good-valued Preeta who had broken her trust to break Karan’s engagement. Rakhi feels ashamed when Kareena insults her faith. Karan and Rishabh silently witness the humiliation of Preeta and Shrishti. Dadi questions Preeta for coming back into their lives after hurting them so much. Kritika and Rishabh try to defend Preeta and bear Kareena’s anger. Preeta clarifies that she didn’t come to break the engagement. She apologizes to them. Karan doesn’t take any stand for her. He yells at her, being absorbed in his ego. He insults Preeta.

He declares that he will get engaged. Ramona wants to find her daughter. She asks Preeta if she had kidnapped Preeta. Rishabh protects Preeta from Ramona’s anger. He tells her that Mahira can never be harmed by Preeta. He shows faith and respect for Preeta. Mahira makes a shocking entry with tears flood. She hugs Karan and blames Preeta and Shrishti for kidnapping her. This shocks Karan and Rishabh the most. Kareena wants to hand over Arora sisters to the police. Rakhi still has a soft corner for the girls. On the other hand, Prithvi wants to meet Preeta. He thinks Preeta had gone to convince Mahira to back out from engagement.

He feels he still wants to marry Preeta. He hates the truth that Preeta loves Karan. He knows well that Karan will melt his heart when he sees Preeta crying. He wants Karan to get engaged to Mahira. He can’t afford to lose pretty Preeta. Preeta pays for Shrishti’s mistake. Shrishti regrets. Kareena calls the cops. Rakhi scolds the girls for killing her trust. Mahira tells them about Shrishti’s evil plan. Shrishti accepts her mistakes.

She defends Preeta. Sameer speaks in their favor. Shrishti wants to accept the punishment. She reveals that she wanted to stop the engagement. Kareena wants to break Preeta’s dreams. She assures to get Shrishti punished for her mistake. Preeta takes the blame on herself to save Shrishti. She admits that her intention was to cancel the engagement. Karan gets surprised like he just wanted to hear this confession.

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  1. Why twisting a clear story just to prolong duration. Thought by now Prithvi will have being exposed as the owner of pregnancy. That didn’t happen. Since Rishabh truly love Preeta from the start, the twists will be that he now be free to marry peeta why she realizes her mistake in loving Karan then settle with true love while Karan pays for his stupidity by marrying Mahria.
    The story is getting boring and unnecessary long.

  2. Story has lost its line and is out of track.. Same boring unnecessary drama.. Truth never reveals in this show.. Always shows win of evil.. Very disappointed?

  3. Yes this is showing true love never exist and never can be successful really becoming boring ..
    The pregnancy sequence is now shut down
    Stupidity increasing

  4. Please tell the truth To the luthras abt Sherlyn and Prithvi and tell them that Preeta was not at all wrong let them realise what they did with Preeta and this will happen nly if mahesh gets his senses back so please don’t prolong it sm like this it doesn’t look fair…

  5. All the actors in the story did justice to their rolls. But where is the story!! I couldn watch this serial for 1 month and tadda!! Story is still the same. It didn even move for an inch. Ekta kapoor please put the story in fast track. It seems like everyone are loosing interest in daily soap because of these kind of dragging in story. I personally liked this serial as youngster, but this kind of draggy story wil bore us within a second.

  6. Honestly, it’s also unnecessary twisted…. Sometimes, I say, I will not watch anymore. For once make we the audience/ watchers have a positive week.


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