YRKKH Peak Drama Starplus Vedika plays evil

YRKKH Peak Drama Starplus Vedika plays evil

YRKKH Peak Drama Starplus Vedika plays evil There will be a big twist in Kartik and Naira’s marriage. Vedika returns in their lives by a good excuse that her life is threatened by her ex Akshat. Vedika begins to live with Singhanias and Goenkas. She becomes part of every function and remains close. Dadi tells Suwarna about her growing fears regarding Kartik. Her intuitions have always been strong and true. She fears that even this time she is thinking right about Vedika’s coming. She senses that Vedika deliberately postponed the divorce. She tells that Vedika is still in love with Kartik and doesn’t want to leave her rights so soon.

She is clear that Vedika would try to get back in his life. She fears of Vedika’s extreme move. Suwarna isn’t sure of Dadi’s doubt. She wants to give a chance to Vedika. She tells Dadi that it won’t be good to see Vedika wish suspicion always. Dadi and Bhabhimaa give Akshara’s lahenga to Naira, which she always wanted to wear on her wedding day. Naira is delighted to have Goenkas on her side. She cherishes her moments with family. Kartik and Naira get ahead with the arrangements, while Dadi takes an oath to protect their blossoming relationship.

Vedika’s negligence damages the lahenga. Vedika also ruins Dadi’s prayer lamp. She appears innocent when she gets her hands burnt by fire to save Naira’s bridal lahenga. Kartik and Naira believe Vedika, while experienced Dadi understands that Vedika has done this intentionally to bring bad omens in the wedding. Dadi reprimands Vedika for her evil thinking and breaks her heart. Is Vedika really after Kartik still or Dadi just misunderstanding her? Keep reading.

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