Kulfi Kumar Starplus Ultimate goals for Kulfi and Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Ultimate goals for Kulfi and Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Ultimate goals for Kulfi and Sikandar Sikandar forms his team with Kulfi. Kulfi wants her team to win. JJ gets his team with professional players. Sikandar and his friends get tensed, but don’t step back. JJ asks Sikandar to accept defeat. Sikandar tells that he will be defeating JJ and fulfill his long time wish. Kulfi leads her team. JJ laughs that a little girl is coaching Sikandar’s team. He is sure to win. Sikandar feels ill suddenly. Sikandar doesn’t leave courage. He gets the challenge to win over JJ’s team. Lovely has her own plans. She wants to take Sikandar to Mumbai by leaving the match. She tells him that their house is on fire.

She tells that she has got a call from the guard, who said there is much smoke coming out of their house. Kulfi asks her team players to give their best. Sikandar rushes to call the guard and know the matter. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will never accept defeat without trying, he is born to win and will surely win. He wants to win for Kulfi’s sake. Lovely had planned the fake fire to get Sikandar home. Kulfi wants to take Sikandar to Chandnaur at any cost. Lovely plays evil. She calls someone to take help.

She had instructed the person to burn the dustbin and raise the fire alarm. Kulfi thinks Sikandar will get fine only if he goes to Chandnaur. Amyra hears her words and asks her what was she saying about Sikandar and Chandnaur. Kulfi gets speechless to tell her. Lovely asks Sikandar to come with her to save their house. Sikandar doesn’t care for anything than winning the game. He wants to win over JJ. Lovely finds him totally crazy. Her plan to take him to Mumbai fails. Sikandar and Kulfi are determined for their respective goals. Will Kulfi succeed to take Sikandar to Chandnaur? Keep reading.

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Kumkum Bhagya


  1. The series has become very boring,why does loveleen always have her way
    Wen will kuilfi be happy they need to end the series coz its not making any sense

  2. I wonder y starlife on dstv has reduced airing time to 30mins including advertisements, but let those old boring series like family affairs,Geet,the inseparables and perfect lie to run on 1hour. I personally thought StarLife will b bringing latest series like kulfi and made for each other. Now they r proving to b zee world. There is nothing to b subscribing for now. Is there anyone who can talk to the so call starlife please!


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