Kumkum Bhaggya Abhi Pragya unthinkable meet

Kumkum Bhaggya Abhi Pragya unthinkable meet

Kumkum Bhaggya Abhi Pragya unthinkable meet Pragya calls Abhi to talk to him and thank. She could hear Shahana’s voice, but not Abhi. Prachi takes the phone to speak to Abhi. Abhi talks to Prachi and gets clear voice. Strangely, Abhi and Pragya don’t get to talk because of bad network, which gets fine when Prachi and Shahana take the call. Sarita thanks Abhi. She gets angry on Shahana. Abhi understands Shahana and Sarita’s bond. He is happy that Prachi is fine. Pallavi tells Dida that Ranbir saved Prachi. She worries for Vikram, who is worried for Ranbir. Pallavi feels Abhi and Ranbir are similar in nature. She tells that Ranbir is much helpful just like Abhi.

Pragya wants Ranbir to get freshen up and change clothes. Ranbir doesn’t like Rishi’s clothes. He asks Prachi to show Rishi’s boring clothes, so that he can choose anything better. He doesn’t like anything much. Ranbir changes his blood stained clothes. He feels better and fresh. Ranbir and Prachi have a cute argument, just like Abhi and Pragya. Ranbir admits that he cares for Prachi, he wanted to protect her and did a lot for her. He calls Prachi thankless and mean. He complains about her to Pragya. Prachi scolds him. Their cute fights remind Pragya of Abhi. Pragya asks Prachi to thank Ranbir for saving her.

She asks him to care for him. Ranbir doesn’t want Prachi to hurt him. He gets scared of Prachi. Ranbir tells her that he will go to his home. He asks Pragya to save him. Pragya tells Sarita that Prachi is in love with Ranbir and even Ranbir is in love with her. Sarita asks her to scold Prachi to fall in love so early. Pragya is glad that Prachi has found the right guy for herself, he is a nice guy who risked life to save her. She tells that she is excited thinking of Prachi’s marriage. Sarita asks her if Ranbir confessed love. Pragya tells that there isn’t any confession, but she has sensed this seeing their fight.

Sarita wants to see their romance secretly. Prachi asks Ranbir not to have a problem with her always. Sarita doesn’t see their love. Pragya tells her that their love is hiding in their fight. Sarita tells that they aren’t doing any poetry and sweet talks. Pragya is sure that love will surely happen between Ranbir and Prachi. Pragya likes Prachi and Ranbir’s funny antics. Abhi drops Shahana home. He wants to see Prachi once. Pragya opens the door for Shahana. Meanwhile, Rhea waits Ranbir. Sanju meets her and angers her further. He asks her to give him a shelter until he gets saved from police. She asks him to go anywhere.

She doesn’t think he can hide in her big house. He asks her to help her if she wants to save herself. Rhea jokes that he failed to get Prachi. He threatens her. He gives her a shocking news that Ranbir loves Prachi. She denies it. He tells her that Ranbir faced the bullet to save Prachi. Abhi leaves from Pragya’s house without meeting her. Shahana tells her that he didn’t wish to disturb Prachi and her family right now. Pragya rushes to stop Abhi. He gets a huge shock on finding Pragya at Prachi’s house. Will Abhi and Pragya realize their hidden connection? Keep reading.

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