Sanjivani Starplus Shocking twists break down Sidisha

Sanjivani Starplus Shocking twists break down Sidisha

Sanjivani Starplus Shocking twists break down Sidisha Chintu’s dad arrives in Sanjivani with a motive to get the heart organ for him. Receptionist tries to stop him and goes to call the guards on finding him suspicious. Sid and Ishani get into a moment when they dance romantically. Sid doesn’t want Ishani to go away, while she finds it hard to accept his love knowing he is married to someone else. She doesn’t want Sid to shame their love by his cheap romance tactics. She makes Sid away from his kissing move. Sid wants to profess love again and again. Ishani finds Asha there and gets disturbed again. She makes it clear to Sid that they can’t have any future. Sid is helpless because of his marriage.

Chintu is in critical need of the heart organ. His dad Karan tries hard to reach the organ storage room. When the receptionist intervenes, he shoots her down. He is ready to do any crime to get a new life for his son. Ishani tells Sid that she would better die than having a life like he is imagining. She doesn’t want stained love. Sid tells her that she is killing him by staying away. Ishani doesn’t accept him easily. Soon, the receptionist’s dead body gets spotted. Sid is informed about it first. Sid rushes to check and realizes that she is already dead.

He informs the senior authorities about it. Vardaan and Anjali try their best to get the situation under control, knowing the attacker is still in the hospital. Sid tries to find the attacker Karan. Vardaan makes a quick plan to secure Sanjivani, the doctors team and the patients. He asks Anjali, Juhi and Sid to instruct all the doctors to protect themselves and patients. Karan didn’t wish to murder anyone. He feels like a helpless father. He thinks of his son counting seconds and waiting for the surgery.

Rishabh, Ishani and Asha prepare for the surgery. Ishani goes to get the heart organ box. Asha has personal enmity with Ishani. Rishabh asks her to keep her personal issues away while she is at work. He asks her to focus on the surgery and call Ishani soon. Asha wishes that Ishani dies to free her from the troubles. She is worried that Vardaan will not spare her career if Sid and Ishani unite. Sid looks for Ishani everywhere. He informs Vardaan and Rishabh that Ishani is missing. He secures the staff and patients. He tells Rishabh that an attacker had already killed the receptionist and is still on the loose.

He asks Rishabh to be with Asha. Sid learns that Ishani is captive by the attacker, who took away the heart organ. Sid rushes to inform Vardaan about the shocking news. They get a bigger shock when they find Karan with Ishani. Ishani is helpless to follow Karan’s instructions. Karan tells the that he wants the heart transplant for saving his son. Ishani doesn’t support anyone wrong. She finds Karan wrong since he had murdered someone.

She tells that he could have requested the hospital authorities than creating a havoc. Sid and Ishani try to sort the matter. Vardaan is much worried for his hospital’s image. Ishani tries to save the heart organ from Karan. Karan angrily shoots her, since he doesn’t want to spare anyone who comes in his way. Will Sid be able to save Ishani? Keep reading.

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