Kundali Bhaggyaa Karan Preeta Blasting twist

Kundali Bhaggyaa Karan Preeta Blasting twist

Kundali Bhaggyaa Karan Preeta Blasting twist Sarla defends Preeta’s dignity in front of Rupali and her sister Neha. She tells her that everyone will just see her daughters when they attend the wedding. She praises her daughters’ values and looks. Rupali feels bad. Neha goes on questioning Preeta and her ill fate. Preeta gets depressed. Sarla and Shrishti get angry. Rupali apologizes to them on her sister’s behalf. Sarla gives her word that they will come in the wedding function. Shrishti doesn’t want to go there.

She tells Sarla that they will not face Neha again. Sarla wants to prove the society’s thinking wrong. She tells that they shouldn’t hide when Preeta isn’t wrong. She asks Preeta to buy a gift for Neha. Ramona feels Rakhi has a soft corner for Preeta, not Mahira. Mahira doesn’t think it will matter. She tells that she is looking ahead to marry Karan. She is glad to have Kareena on her side. Sarla is hurt that Preeta is getting insulted. Preeta doesn’t want Sarla to feel hurt by people’s taunts. Sarla knows Preeta has a heart of gold. Janki tells them that she scolded Neha a lot, Neha was speaking ill about Preeta.

Meanwhile, Karan gets late for the practice. Kareena insists him to take Mahira for shopping. He asks Mahira to go alone. Mahira wants to go with him only. Karan tells that he will get bored of the long hours shopping. Kareena asks him to spend time with Mahira. Karan gets convinced. Ramona asks Mahira to win his heart some how. Mahira doesn’t think that Karan will break the engagement. Preeta consoles Sarla and Janki. Sarla asks Preeta to accept that she is the best person. She wants to get the best guy for Preeta.

She gets obsessed with the groom search again. Preeta doesn’t want Sarla to talk about marriage again. Sarla wants to buy a gift and also a dress for Preeta. Preeta doesn’t agree at first. She then agrees for Sarla’s sake. Karan gets surrounded by his fans when he visits the mall with Mahira. She likes his fame and attention. Sarla and Preeta visit the same mall. Preeta finds Karan there. She wants to avoid him. She doesn’t want Sarla to see Karan and react. Preeta gets panicking to hide Karan from Sarla. She tells that they should go to some shop and buy a dress. Sarla doesn’t want her to take stress about the dress’ price.

Preeta is worried for Sarla’s health, which can get worse because of the person who doesn’t matter to them. Karan senses Preeta around. Mahira asks Karan to spend time with her. Sarla wants the best dress for her pretty Preeta. Karan and Mahira reach the same counter. Karan happens to see Preeta. He gets into a moment with her. They get into a cute clash. He blames her for attempting to break his engagement. He tells her that he got engaged to Mahira. She doesn’t care and just congratulates him. He doesn’t want Preeta to get away.

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  1. This show is so confuses this one dont like this one is all about revange o gosh it kereena and mihra and sheryl,pithvi out and preeta and karan bring there lives together and let these foolsout the show

  2. In Kundali Bhagya,how can Karan marry again when he has a wife & not officially divorced .That is the law under Hindu marriage act.The couple is shown to remarry at the drop of a hat .No one amongst the whole crowd mentions anytime the fact that Karan cannot marry again unless he divorces his previous wife.Both parties are only bent upon to somehow prevent the marriages of the boy & girl ,who happen to be a couple.The marriage between Karan,Preeta was completely accomplished earlier even though it happened by proxy.Secondly no one in Luthra family bothers to verify the authenticity of the divorce notice received from Preeta.This whole script seems unreal & ridiculous .

  3. It’s really becoming boring. They are overdoing this. Let Abhi and Pragya meet already. Your movies gets interesting and the suddenly you start dragging it so much that people begin to loose interest. Make it hot, spicy and short. You run a particular show for years and at the end you can sum it up in just a sentence. Haba Africans no dey like such. It makes us loose interest. I love Abhi and Pragya but somewhere along the line it became a no no for me. You can introduce some other new twists abeg we are tired

  4. Sab se bekar serial he ye……sho khatam ho jayenga lekin i dono ki love story kabhi coplite hongi. Or ye kumkum bhagya ka second part he na….. Ye kitne bhi love train gal batayenge tabhi kumkum bhagya se acha ye sho nahi jayenga….. Ek chij ko itna lamba kaise khich sakta he koi. Band kardo show


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