Yeh Rishta Dadi Big decision twists for Kartik Naira

Yeh Rishta Dadi Big decision twists for Kartik Naira
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Yeh Rishta Dadi Big decision twists for Kartik Naira Kartik and Naira prepare for their Sangeet. They react on the power outage. Everyone waits for the inverter to start. Naira takes Kartik with her. Kartik asks her to have patience and not romance to turn him shy. She asks him to stop his expectations. She reminds him that he didn’t compliment her on her lovely looks. He apologizes to her. He compliments her stunning look. She doesn’t listen to him. He finds her getting onto some parked truck. He goes to her and compliments her again and again. She gets pleased. They have a cute moment. The truck leaves, while they stay lost in each other’s eyes. The family waits for them.

Kairav worries that they are gone again. The family asks Kairav not to worry and expect the unexpected from his parents, who are unique just like their couple name. The family tells Kairav that Kartik and Naira would be coming soon. Dadi is worried since Vedika is also not around. They get a happy surprise soon. Kairav calls Kartik to ask him about his leaving. Kartik realizes that they have come far from the house. The driver offers them help to drop them home. Kartik calls the family and asks them to connect the phone to the projector. He reminds the family about his earlier Sangeet that happened on the truck top.

Manish tells Kairav that Kaira had Sangeet on the truck before and repeating that moment for Kairav now. Kairav gets excited. Kartik and Naira dance happily to surprise the family. They miss the family. They come back home for little Kairav. They get Kairav, Vansh and elders on the truck to show their dance moves. They happily celebrate Sangeet on the truck in Kaira’s unique style. Dadi is much happy to find Kartik and Naira happy with Kairav. She wishes that Vedika’s bad sight doesn’t catch them. Vedika happens to witness their happiness. She grows jealous and raging. Lawyer informs them about the new judge taking over the divorce case.

He tells them that the divorce may take time. He tells that they have to sure to get both the parties, Kartik and Vedika on time. He explains that the date shouldn’t be postponed at any cost. Manish is worried that Kartik’s marriage will be postponed if divorce doesn’t complete. Lawyer asks them not to get late and spoil things. Dadi gives her word that she will get Vedika on time. Naira finds Vedika angry. She senses Vedika’s annoyance towards the marriage. She tells Kartik that she is feeling strange because of Vedika. He tells her that they will be soon uniting. Naira gets a nightmare of losing Kartik.

She wonders what’s the new sign from fate. Kairav consoles her. He tells her that some dreams don’t come true. Naira gets worried by her intuition. Dadi gets Vedika’s phone. She checks it and finds Kartik’s numerous pictures. She gets her doubt confirmed that Vedika couldn’t forget Kartik. Vedika decides to call off the divorce and get Kartik back. She doesn’t think Naira and Goenkas deserve her sacrifice. She thinks they will kick her out when Kartik marries Naira.

She decides to trouble Naira and stop Kaira union. Dadi decides to meet Vedika and confront her plotting. Dadi restricts Vedika from getting involved much. Naira’s shocking accidental fall worries Dadi. Vedika will snatch Kartik from Naira. Naira’s dream will come true. Kaira won’t unite so easily. Their struggles will be seen.

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Kundali Bhagya


  1. Shadi ko mazak ki tarah hi dikhaya hai,Naira ne pata hote hue bi kartik Vedika ki shadi hone di,abi achanak se usse kartik ke saath rehna hai aur kartik jiss ne Vedika se apni marji se shadi ki hai ,use bi naira ke saath rehna hai,dono apne maaan mai jo ata hai,jab aata hai ,tab woh karte hue dikhaye hai,jab ki Vedika ,joh shuru se helping , Careing hai ussi ki saath galt karte hue dikhaya hai,woh bechari ekli ho gyi aur bi bina galti ke,sab galat hi galat dikhaya jaaa raha viewers ko Vedika ke saath hota injustice nhi pasanad aa rha.Vedika ke sacrifice ko kise ne importance hi nhi diya,sab kaira ki khushiyon mai hi busy dikhye hai aur Naira joh chod ke chali gyi thi use kise ne kuch bola hi nhi,sab galat dikhya jaa raha hai.


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