Rishtey Pyar Shocking Suicide shatters Mishti Abir

Rishte Pyaar Rishtey Pyar Shocking Suicide shatters Mishti Abirunited Meenakshi awaits miracle

Rishtey Pyar Shocking Suicide shatters Mishbir Kunal learns the truth that he is Mehul and Parul’s child. He never knew that he is Meenakshi’s step son. He couldn’t imagine that this truth would be so harsh on him. He gets the truth confirmed from Abir after Mishti broke out the truth to him. Kunal rages on his fate. Abir is much protective about him. He asks Kunal to come home with him. Kunal is deeply hurt that Meenakshi isn’t his mum. He asks Abir to tell the truth that Meenakshi didn’t give him birth, she really got him from a dustbin. He tells that Abir isn’t his brother, Rajvanshs isn’t his family. Abir asks him who told this to him. Kunal demands the truth.

Abir accepts the truth. He doesn’t want Kunal to stay in darkness. Kunal tells Abir that Mishti had told him the truth. Abir regrets Mishti’s move. He wanted to explain it to Kunal peacefully. He fears that Kunal will take any wrong step in anger. Kunal rushes away from the home on his bike. Abir follows him. He searches for Kunal madly. Kunal meets with an accident. Abir finds the damaged bike and looks for Kunal. The gathered crowd leaves Abir confused. Kunal decides to commit suicide. He doesn’t want to face Parul whom he had always disrespected. Abir saves Kunal. Mishti meets Abir to apologize to him.

She realizes that he had come to her house at night. She gives him the pendant he dropped. She had told the truth to Kunal and put him in danger. Abir is much upset that she never thought for Kunal’s well being. She tells him that she angrily told the truth to Kunal, who tried to harm Nannu. Abir is much angry on her. He jerks her away when she explains her side of the story. Kuhu and Nannu support Mishti. They want Abir to understand Mishti. Abir vents anger on Mishti. He doesn’t want to forgive Mishti for provoking Kunal for the suicide. Nannu becomes Mishti’s support. He scolds Abir for hurting Mishti. Abir warns Mishti to stay away from his family.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 2/5
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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala


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