Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Divorce Shocker for Lovely

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Divorce Shocker for Lovely

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Divorce Shocker for Lovely Kulfi lies to Amyra that she was making prayers for Sikandar’s victory. She wants Sikandar and his friends to win. Sikandar finds his friends tired. Jogi tries to encourage them. Sikandar finds the opponents mocking them. Sikandar wants to win some how. He motivates them to move on and fight back to succeed. He self motivates himself first. He tells them that they are made to win, they have to win the game. Lovely asks him to be serious about their lives. She wants him to come with her to save their house. He tells her that there won’t be any use to run now, he won’t leave until he wins. He continues the game. He is sure to defeat JJ’s team members.

Kulfi and Amyra encourage him. Sikandar wants his friends to not get tricked by the clever opponents. Sikandar and JJ get into an argument over the game rules. JJ remarks that Sikandar is cheating. He wants the rules to be same for everyone. Sikandar sees the time running. He has to defeat JJ’s team within the 18 minutes band. Jogi and Sikandar make their team strong. Sikandar tries to win the game by showing his amazing skills in the last few seconds. He gathers all his energy to win. He gets a shock on knowing that team JJ has won. He gets depressed. Lovely asks him to focus on their burning house.

Sikandar learns from Raju that there is no fire at his house. Lovely’s plan backfires. Raju tells Sikandar that he has checked the entire house, there isn’t any fire. Sikandar thanks him for relieving his tension. He wants to know why did their guard informed them about the fire. Lovely covers up her lie. Sikandar tells his team that though they didn’t win, they have played really well. JJ stops Sikandar and calls him a winner. He applauds for Sikandar and his team, who have played so well without any practice. He praises Sikandar’s courage. Sikandar tells that he is still a runner up.

JJ tells that he was a senior in college and pulled his leg by calling him a runner up. He reveals the truth that Sikandar won in the music competition that day, while he lip synced on a song and won the competition. He accepts that he cheated to win the trophy. He tells that Sikandar is the real winner for him. Sikandar gets pleased to get the due respect. It becomes a proud moment for Sikandar’s family. Lovely wants him to return to Mumbai and work well to make their company a success. He tells her that they will visit Chandnaur first. He bids a farewell to his friends. He feels he is meeting his friends for the last time.

He lives his life’s golden moments. Lovely knows she can’t stop Sikandar from going to Chandnaur. She wants to make her business empire a big one for Amyra’s future. Sikandar takes Kulfi to Chandnaur. They check in the hotel. She enquires him about the Ayurvedic hospital. She wants to take Sikandar there. She gets much hopeful. Sikandar gives a news to Lovely. He tells Lovely that the trust will manage his properties, Mahendar will be the guardian. He states that Kulfi and Amyra will have equal rights on the properties. Lovely demands her share in his property.

He reminds her that she didn’t fulfill any duty of a wife. He is much hurt that she is always biased towards Kulfi. She tells him that he has no choice left. He clears out that he always had the choice. Sikandar divorces Lovely, much to her dismay.

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