Kasautii Zindagi Thunderstruck twist Komolika victory

Kasautii Zindagi Thunderstruck twist Komolika victory

Kasautii Zindagi Thunderstruck twist Komolika close to victory Prerna wants to stop Anurag. Komolika doesn’t let her meet Anurag. Prerna gets emotional and recalls their good times. She finds Komolika winning the game. She gets much upset and returns home. She thinks of Anurag all the time. She tells Shivani that Komolika was much confident, like she will definitely win Anurag’s love this time. She is stressed. Shivani doesn’t want her to worry and have faith in Anurag’s love. Shivani tells that they will make a plan to defeat Komolika. Komolika takes selfies with Anurag, while he shows absolute no interest in her. He stays disconnected with her from his heart, which just beats for Prerna. Komolika calls Prerna to make her jealous.

She also sends the picture to show that Anurag is happy with her. She reminds that last time her honeymoon plan failed, but this time she will win. Prerna lets her stay overconfident. She hatches a plan. Basus reach the farmhouse and speak to the caretakers Shubham and Roshni. Shubham tells them about the frequent power outages. He tells that generator will manage the outages. Mohini asks Roshni to decorate the outhouse nicely for Anurag and Sonalika. Prerna calls Shubham and tricks him to switch off the power line and generator. She tells that Anurag wants to get the village feel at his farmhouse.

She lies to him and convinces him. Shubham switches off the power line, generator and also the necessary water supply on her word. She begins to trouble the Basus. Mohini is much happy to have a good stay away from Prerna. She soon gets the shocker when the power outage makes the stay miserable. Moloy and Mohini wonder where did Shubham go. They learn that he has left for his home. They fail to contact Shubham. Mohini calls Prerna to seek her help. She asks her to get an electrician and fix the outage. Prerna is glad that her plan is working. Prerna agrees to Mohini, while Moloy messages her not to come. Prerna arrives at the farmhouse.

Moloy worries for her baby. Prerna and Shivani try to mislead Basus. Prerna rushes to find Anurag. She gets Komolika’s note. She learns that Komolika has taken Anurag to a secret place. She wants to stop their romance. Komolika calls her to reveal her plan of drugging Anurag and winning him forever. Prerna gets worried for Anurag.

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Kumkum Bhagya


  1. Seriously its getting again gheese pitti kahani…any get drug and get into romance…then as same komolika will get pregnant…if story line is goin to b dis then stop this serial…

  2. What a KOusati all time villains will win no worst slow process serial …. Til serial ends prena nd anurag will not be together … Is this story

  3. Like everyserial..kasauti 2 also like gissi piitiii purane such wali serial .like generation changes thought also changes .this generation don’t like this old spice…so bring some updated relations in between saas bhahu..husband and wife…like in KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI..SUPER STORY


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